February Goals

february goals

Hello, hello! It’s been a bit quiet around her recently. I’ve been putting some of my new year energy into my YouTube channel, which I’m really enjoying right now. Also, I’ve finally finished furnishing my apartment! Mostly, January was spent working through a lot of new (and some old) feelings, trying to look at things in new ways, and learning how to enjoy life a little better.

We’re a few days into February, so it’s time to check in on my January goals, and share my February goals with you! I find that by regularly checking in on my goals, I’m so much more likely to follow through with them (you know, that whole accountability thing.) So starting with my yearly, short term and monthly goals, then onto February!


2018 Goal | Year

Read 12 books. I’m well on my way to reaching (and hopefully surpassing!) this goal. I read two books in January: The Girl On The Train and Modern Romance. I’ve been really happy to get back into reading again. I think the best way to do this is, like with all things, balance. Last year I was reading a lot of memoir/self help books and got really burned out on that. Currently, I’m really into thrillers, but also some lighthearted stuff. Also, I’m slowly working through Rupi Kaur’s poetry book The Sun and Her Flowers, which is beautiful. Grade: A+!


2018 Goals | T1 [January – April]

Buy a car. Well, I’ve already edited this goal. Currently, I’m saving to buy a car, but I might not actually do it. And I’m giving myself until June to decide. However, having a big savings goal is really motivating, so it’s still a car fund for now. January was a weird financial month, so I’m a bit behind on my savings goal. Grade: B-

Write more. I hardly wrote in January. So, I’ll work on that in the next couple months. Grade: C


2018 Goals | Month [January]

Wake up earlier. I’m not kicking myself too much about sleeping in on weekends (if the body asks for sleep, give it sleep), but I am working on my weekday mornings still, as I hate being rushed and running late to the office. Grade: C+

Exercise regularly. I ran quite a bit in January and did a few workouts with the Nike Training Club app. Grade B+

Clean up the photos on my phone. I deleted nearly 4000 photos…and still have about 6000 on there. Still a work in progress. Grade: B


Now for February’s goals! I took what I learned from January, considered what I think will be most beneficial to me this month, and these are the three goals I landed on. February is all about self love.


2018 Goals | Month


Eat a mostly Paleo/Whole30 inspired diet. I’ll write a whole post about this sometime. The short version is that I’ve had some stomach issues off and on forever, and after a really debilitating stomach ache mid-January, I decided it was time to get real about my diet. Also, I have some weight I want to lose. By doing a strict elimination diet, I’m far more likely to stick to a diet, than if I had any sort of leeway. I have NO self control when it comes to food, and this way I can’t justify ice cream and grilled cheese sandwiches all the time. This isn’t meant to fix all my problems, just be an experiment and a kick start to finding a diet that works best for me. Again, more to come.

Run 3x per week + yoga 2x. I want to keep exercising! Running and yoga are my two favorites because they’re mental as well as physical. Running gets me out and about in the city, and yoga can be done inside when it’s rainy and miserable outside. Win win.

Get out of bed at 6am each weekday, 8am on weekends. Sticking with my get out of bed earlier goal from January. I’m committed to using my mornings wisely and not feeling groggy from too much sleep.


Did you set any goals for February? How are your New Years Resolutions coming? Let me know!