My Word & Setting Goals for 2018

my goals for 2018

It’s my first post of the year (and my first post in a minute) and of course it’s about my goals for 2018. Sure, we’re already a week and a half into the new year, but January 1st isn’t some magical day anyway. I needed a little extra time to think about what I want for the year ahead. Honestly, it was a little difficult to get started. Planning for the year ahead requires reflecting on the past. The past several months have been the most challenging of my life. I imagined a very different life for myself come January 1, 2018 than the one I am living. I’m finally coming around to accepting and embracing this new reality. And with that, I’m looking forward to the year ahead and figuring out how I can make it my best year yet.


My Word for 2018: Strength

I really struggled to come up with a word for this year. The past two years, I’ve chosen a word to guide me through my year. I’ve found this to be one of the best practices I’ve implemented (far better than resolutions, which are rarely achieved). Having a single word to return to and guide me when I’m feeling lost has proven it’s worth time and time again. My word for 2017 was grace. It’s funny how I chose that word in January, and how it’s meaning shifted and changed so much over the course of the year.

This year, I’m choosing the word strength to guide my actions. When my life was flipped upside down last year, I felt so small, so weak. In turn, I also stopped doing a lot of things that built up my self worth (like eating well, working out, any and all hobbies). There were a few things I did that really empowered me (like doing things on my own) and I want more of that in the new year. I want to feel strong, in all areas of my life: mentally, spiritually, and physically. So, when I’m faced with a choice, big or small, this year, I will ask myself which choice will make me feel strong.


My Goals for 2018

I almost didn’t set any goals/resolutions for the year. I have a tendency to shoot too high, and disappoint myself in the end. But, I love setting goals. In the end, I decided to set myself some goals, but approach it in a new way. I’m setting one goal for the year. Then, I split the year into three 4-month terms (Jan-Apr, May-Aug, Sept-Dec) and will set two big goals for each term. Finally, I’ll make two or three small goals each month. Typical New Years resolutions aren’t very measurable, since you’re setting a year-long goal, which is easy to lose track of. By breaking down the year, I think that will make it much easier to stay on track, to adjust my goals when life inevitably throws a curveball and also to check in with my progress throughout the year. Though I’m not sharing this here, I’ve written down the steps to achieve each goal as well, so I have tangible actions I can take. Also, I wrote down my why for each goal, so I can remind myself why I wanted to accomplish said goal in the first place. It’s so easy to lose sight of the reasons we want to accomplish things! Soooo, with all that babble, here’s my goals for the year!


2018 GOAL | YEAR

Read 12 books this year. I love reading, but have fallen off the wagon. This is the year I get back into it! An average of a book per month feels very manageable (and leaves room for me to exceed my goal!)


2018 GOALS | T1

[January – April]

Buy a car. Obviously, this is a big one, and there’s a chance it might change. But, I’m doing my research and saving my pennies for a down payment. I want to be able to adventure on the weekends again! 

Write more. I’m going to update this blog more, and also write in my journal more frequently. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but often don’t make the time for it. I’d like to make it a habit.




Wake up earlier. The goal is 6:30am on weekdays, and 8am on weekends. I’m SO BAD at waking up, but always feel better and am more productive when I don’t oversleep.

Exercise regularly. I’ve been running again and it feels so good. This is definitely guided by my word strong. And also wanting to trim up my tummy, if I’m being honest ;)

Clean up the photos on my phone. Such a small thing, but my phone is a disaster. I never delete anything on there, and it’s just such a dumb source of stress that is so easy to get rid of!


If you made it this far, I’d love to know… do you set goals/resolutions for the new year? If you do, what are your goals this year?

  • Amy Love

    I second the phone photos stress! If you’re on a Mac, use the application (already pre-installed) called Image Capture. Easy way of choosing what you want to import to your computer and where and then bulk delete the rest.