What’s On My Nightstand

On My Nightstand

When I moved, the first thing I made sure to have set up is my “bedroom” (in a studio apartment, maybe its better referred to as a sleeping corner?) For me, this is the most important area of a home, but in the past it was often the most neglected, left for last. I figured hardly anyone would see the bedroom anyway. When your bedroom is also your living room, and you’re sleeping alone for the first time in years, a sleeping area requires the most thoughtful of design considerations. And while the bed itself and the accompanying fluffy things that top said bed are of utmost importance, the nightstand is a very close second place piece.

I’m the type that likes to have my things close at hand. I have my evening rituals, and once I get in bed, I do not want to get back up, even if I’m not yet sleeping. Enter: the nightstand, where all manner of conveniences are stored. This particular piece of furniture was part of a full bedroom set my dad built me when I was around 8 years old. There is a matching twin bed, desk and wall shelf, all built of the same heavy oak, in the same craftsman style. While the style isn’t exactly what I would pick out if I went to the store today for a nightstand, it actually fits in quite well and serves exactly the function I need it to serve. So here’s a little tour around one of my favorite spots in my home.


Nightstand necessities

On My Nightstand

A lamp. By far the most important item on my nightstand is a lamp. This desperately needs to be replaced by something more my current style, and in better scale, but it provides what I need for now (which is light, duh.)

Reading material. I usually have the latest issue of a magazine or a book. Currently I have the latest issue of Darling Magazine, as well as three books from my fall reading list, as I do most of my reading in bed. This is also where I store all my back copies of Darling, in hopes of actually rereading them.

Journals. Yes, plural. Lately I’ve kept this 52 Lists book out in the open to remind myself to actually write the weekly journal prompts inside. Also, it looks pretty. In the drawer I have at least one journal, and a pen of course.

Aquaphor. By far the best lip product for overnight moisture.

A relaxing oil blend. Currently I have this one, which was a gift from a friend. If I’m feeling particularly wired or stressed at bedtime, I roll this pre-diluted oil on my chest or inside my wrists, or sometimes just simply breathe it in.

Sleeping mask. I am so stupidly sensitive to light, and since I started wearing this at night (due to an old neighbor who refused to turn off their driveway light) I require total black out. This is cheaper than heavy curtains and I’ve become comforted by the feeling of it on my face before bed. (I think this is the one I have.)

Adult coloring book & markers. I can’t sit still, ever, so when I watch reruns of friends, this is the perfect thing to do instead of scrolling through Instagram (again). Currently working my way through Fantastic Cities with these markers.

On My Nightstand

Other items you can often find in or on my nightstand are candles, various lotions, and about a dozen hair ties.


What are your must have bedside accessories?