My November Goals

November Goals

We’re already a few days into November (which is insane!), but it’s never too late to set some goals. Inspired by some other bloggers and Instagrammers I follow, I decided to start setting and sharing a list of monthly goals here. Somehow making them monthly seems so manageable, and hopefully they’ll help me cultivate new, healthy habits. While some goals will be things to just check off the to do list, others will be actions that I think will be really helpful in the long run. By just tackling a few at a time, I think I’ll be more motivated to get ’em done. I’ll also be writing these down and putting them somewhere I can’t ignore them. So, let’s start things off with my November goals!


November Goals

Write every day. There is obviously a lot going on in my life, and after moving, I kind of started avoided dealing with my feelings. Writing is so therapeutic for me, but I really have to make a concerted effort to pick up a pen. So, I’m committing to writing something every day. It could be just a sentence if I’m really busy or really don’t have anything to say. The goal is to write something. That’s it. November is also nanowrimo so that is a little extra motivation, although I’m definitely not trying to write a novel this month.

Choose & buy a sofa. I’m finally settling into my new apartment, but am in desperate need of a sofa so I can properly have people over. Realistically, it will be a loveseat, not a full size sofa #smallspaceproblems. I got my bed last month, so this is my next big purchase. Currently, my old twin mattress and boxspring are serving as a makeshift sofa, so I have somewhere other than my bed to hang out, which is actually helping me visualize the layout a little better. I actually just rearranged the furniture in the living/bedroom area and have a pretty good idea of what I want now. I can’t wait to have this place feeling like a real home very soon. I want the major furniture sorted out soon so I can decorate for Christmas!

Wake up earlier. I’ve been sooo bad at this lately. Even on weekdays I find myself snoozing a few more times than I should and rushing out the door. I know I feel so much better throughout the day if I wake up earlier, so I just have to make it a priority. This means going to bed earlier (too many nights staying up late watching Netflix lately, oops) and sticking to a mindful bedtime routine. And maybe putting my phone/alarm across the room too, haha.

Create content. Here we are right? So many ideas are swirling around in my mind, and I just have to make it happen. I’m so bad about making lists of ideas and failing to follow through and execute them. I think my practice of daily writing will help get the creative wheels turning and energize me for blogging and making videos too. Let me know if there’s anything specific you want to see from me!

Finish two books. Y’all saw my fall reading list. I’ve been so lazy about reading. So the goal is to finish Love Warrior and Braving the Wilderness this month. This means swapping out Netflix for a book before bed (which will help me sleep better and wake up earlier! Checking off multiple goals at once is the dream.)

Do yoga and go running. I know I should put a number on this because real goal setting requires quantifying your goals, but I don’t want to. The goal here is just to take care of my body better. Aside from the occasional walks to/from work, I really haven’t been moving much and I can feel how that’s affecting my body. So a few days a week after work I’ll either strap on my running shoes or turn on Yoga With Adriene (my favorite!) and get moving. I know this will not only make me feel better physically but improve my mental and emotional health as well.


Do you set monthly goals? I’d love hear what you’re working on this month!