My New Apartment: A Before Tour

Hi friends! A little over a month ago I moved into my new apartment. To say it was an emotional move would be a huge understatement, but 5 weeks in, I can honestly say that I’m so happy to be here. It’s taken some adjustment (living on my own for the first time, not to mention reworking my monthly budget to accommodate paying rent on my own) but it’s been a really empowering and fun experience, too. I figured it was time to give you a little introduction to the new place, and some of my design inspiration. I am honestly thrilled to have an apartment to decorate completely from scratch (I brought a few things with me, but there were still a lot of missing pieces.) Before I get into decoration, though, I thought some context would be helpful. So, here’s the background on my new place.


How I chose my apartment

I’m currently on my 4th neighborhood in 3.5 years in Portland. Phew. Each one has been completely different from the last, and it’s been such a great way to get to know this city. Location was one of the biggest priorities for me in this move. After ending a really big chapter in my life, I was determined to start again completely on my own terms, which meant choosing a neighborhood and apartment style that I’d always loved, but didn’t make sense for my life before. That’s how I landed in the Northwest/Nob Hill neighborhood. I love how close it is to downtown (where I work), the historic buildings, and the plethora of shopping, dining, and everyday conveniences within walking distance. Having everything so close was a huge consideration since I don’t have a car.

I also knew I wanted a vintage apartment – I’m a sucker for all those historic details. Sure I’m giving up some modern luxuries like a dishwasher or in-unit laundry, but those just aren’t huge priorities for me. I defaulted to a studio apartment, considering what rent costs in this city; I couldn’t justify the extra cost for a separate bedroom. That’s fine though – Maya and I don’t need a lot of space, and it presented a fun new design challenge for me. I’d always had this fantasy of what life would look like as a single woman in a city, and this move was my unexpected opportunity to fulfill that. While it’s certainly no fantasy life, it’s exciting to get to experience it all the same.


The before tour

I only have a few iPhone photos to show you from moving in, so the quality isn’t fantastic, but it’ll do the trick! As soon as I begin getting my areas decorated more, I’ll be sure to share. If you follow me on Instagram, I’ve been known to share little peeks around my apartment on Stories, too.

apartment tour

When you walk into the apartment you walk straight into the living room/bedroom. The apartment is east facing and has a whole wall of windows facing an unobstructed view of the Pearl District and Downtown buildings (plus a sliver of Mt. Hood!) This view was what sold me on this apartment over others I looked at – there’s something really special about watching the sunrise over the city each morning.

apartment tour apartment tour

To the left of the main living space is a closet, walk through dressing room, and the bathroom. The dressing area is a fun vintage touch, and has a lot of great storage. Unfortunately, the tall cabinets are too shallow for my hangers, so I added a clothing rack for my hanging items. The bathroom is tiny, but functional. It has a built-in enamel tub, pedestal sink, and a tall window which lets in tons of natural light. It also has a built-in medicine cabinet and a deep closet. I’m amazed at how much storage this tiny place has.

apartment tour apartment tour

To the right of the living area is a small dining room, which leads into the kitchen. The built-in display cabinets were honestly a huge draw for me – I love these special details. The kitchen is small, but with the tall ceilings the cabinets have plenty of storage. I love the big farmhouse sink. Again, the windows let in so much light, which was imperative for me.

apartment tour

Well, that’s it for now! Hopefully you enjoyed the little peak into my new place. Over the next couple weeks I’ll be sharing the inspiration for decorating it, as well as the progress I make.


Top photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash