How To Feel Like A Boss (When You Really, Really Don’t)

feel like a boss

Take it from me, sometimes you just really feel like you’re sitting at the bottom of a garbage bin. Maybe it’s a streak of bad luck, an ongoing health battle, or an epic heartbreak. Whatever the cause, we all have times in our life when we really need to pick ourselves up again, and quick. Of course, solving life’s biggest problems is hardly a quick fix, but a quick turnaround of your mood can do wonders in the short term, while you trudge through the long term. While its easy to throw on a rerun of Friends to ignore feeling down, we can’t hide behind Chandler’s sarcastic jokes forever. Here are my six surefire tips to boost your confidence (aka feel like a BOSS) from the littlest tricks to big changes.

How to Feel Like A Boss, Fast

Listen to a powerful female playlist

Adele. Beyonce. Madonna. Dolly Parton. Why do we listen to these women? Because they’re full of confidence. You know that feeling when you’re around your boldest pal, and it rubs off on you? That’s exactly what these lady vocalists will do for you. Pick your favorite ladies, and save all their best tracks into one Spotify playlist, then throw it on anytime you feel like you need a boost. And look, the dudes make some great, confidence-boosting music too (looking at you, Bruno Mars), but there’s power in listening to one of your own, and basking in your femininity.

Throw on a leather jacket

Or red lipstick. Or high heels. Whatever makes you sing man, I feel like a woman. It’s different for every lady, and heck, sometimes it differs from day to day. There is magic in wearing something that makes you feel real good that goes beyond skin deep. For me, just walking down the street in a pair of skinny jeans and heeled boots makes me feel like a powerhouse, and my entire demeanor changes. Some may call it shallow, but if it works…

Make A Big Decision

Some days the leather jacket and Lady Gaga jams aren’t enough. Or they’ll embolden you to do something bigger. Look, I try to play it safe most of the time. I’m certainly not the world’s biggest risk taker, and if you’re feeling really down, it’s probably not the best mindset to be making huge, life-changing decisions. Sometimes, though, doing something big can make you feel like Superwoman. Move to a new city. Adopt a pet. Book a flight. Rent that apartment. Buy the $40 bottle of wine (and don’t share it). Just do something for yourself. Action is the only thing that will move you forward.

Save money

Absolutely nothing makes me feel worse than looking at my checking account and feeling disappointed by a tiny number. I hate to say it, but money matters. I’m not saying you should be stowing away millions, but save enough to make you feel secure. Then a little more to feel really secure, and eventually stash away a few bucks for a great vacation. If you’re working hard, you should be reaping the benefits.

Learn something new

Life can take a lot of things from you, but it can’t take away what you know. How empowering is that?! Read a book on a topic you’ve never explored, sign up for a class or even just something on Skillshare. Invest in yourself, just for the sake of investing in yourself. You deserve it.

Do something by yourself

Are you scared to do things alone? I’m nodding my head furiously yes! I struggle a lot with social anxiety, but I’ve learned recently how important it is to not miss out on things you want to do, just because there’s no one to do them with you. While I love sharing experiences with others, sometimes I have to go it on my own, and there’s no shame in that. I dare you to try it.


Okay, friends, your turn. What makes you feel empowered?