Fall Reading List

One of my goals for this fall is to start reading more. I had been in the habit of reading during my commute (I take public transit), but my commute is too short now that I’ve moved closer to downtown. Truth be told, I love watching tv and movies at home, especially during the colder months, and struggle sometimes to pick up a book. I do love the ritual of reading, though, especially snuggled under a blanket with a candle lit. Here are the books I’ve either started reading or are on my list…

fall reading list / wild and pine

The Empathy Exams / This book was a gift from a friend of mine. It’s a collection of essays which makes it an easy one to pick up and put down. I started it about 5 weeks ago and am only halfway through, but I’ve been enjoying it. Empathy is such an important topic especially in the world we live in today, and the essays strive to help us understand what empathy really means.

Love Warrior / This falls neatly into my favorite category: self-help memoirs ;) I’m about 100 pages in, and am very drawn to Doyle’s raw honesty about her painful experiences. Her message is about finding our inner strength, which is something that’s really resonating with me right now.

Still Alice / I know this isn’t exactly a new book (like, at all), but its been on my reading list for ages, and its time I pick it up. My great-grandmother battled Alzeimer’s, and that was a painful experience for my family. I think that’s part of the reason I haven’t braved this one yet. I heard the author interviewed on TED Radio Hour a while back, and really want to explore this topic more. This seems like a good place to start.

Braving The Wilderness / Can you believe with my love for self help/memoirs I haven’t yet read a single Brené Brown book? I ordered this one recently, and can’t wait to break into it. She was recently on Jen Hatmaker’s podcast, For The Love, and was furiously taking notes, so I think I’ll love this.


Since I’m still trying to get back into the habit of reading, I’m keeping my reading list short, so I don’t overwhelm myself. I still need to leave room to (finally!) finish PLL (don’t judge) and work through the rest of my Netflix list haha. What’s on  your reading list? Any titles I should check out?

  • I picked up Still Alice one morning and then didn’t put it down and read it all day and then sobbed on my living room floor for like 3 hours. It’s beautiful and the eye puffiness is worth it but goodness gracious does it tear your heart up.

    • I’ll definitely save it for weekend reading (aka not on my lunch break at work) haha! I know it’ll be a heart-wrencher but I’m looking forward to reading it all the same. Glad to hear the good review!