The Friday Edit

Pike Place Market flowers

Oof. What a week. I’m going to start with some current events stuff…if you’ve had your fill of that this week (which I get, trust me) skip on down to the ‘what I’m wearing’ section. However, I don’t want you to miss the podcast recommendation I linked up below, so be sure to check that out. Okay, let’s get into it.

On My Mind…

This week has been HEAVY. I’m still reeling from the events of last Saturday in Charlottesville, and just want to talk it out for a minute… When white supremacists march, heavily armed, in the streets of America, openly and without shame, what else can I do but feel scared and brokenhearted? Enraged and appalled? I am not afraid to call it like I see it: our president is not doing enough and is fanning the flames of white supremacy with his inability to immediately and outright condemn these disgusting, evil people without simultaneously placing blame on the counter-protesters (one side is racist, the other opposes racism. They are not equivalent, the white supremacists are 100% to blame.) I’ve seen it and said it from the start: Donald Trump is not a good person and not fit to lead this country. I cannot in my heart understand why anyone would still support him. He does not care about any of us; only about power. He has done absolutely nothing to deserve our respect, from the pussy-grabbing to the mocking of a disabled person to his obvious disdain for Muslims and black Americans. I hope that those of us who see this evil will continue to speak out and take action because I refuse to let this be our story. I’ve read the history books, and articles from every angle. I know what this could become, and while I’m terrified for our future, I hang on for dear life to a shred of hope, and pray every day for a better world. Here are some things that have helped me understand and make sense of what is happening right now:

What Trump Gets Wrong About Antifa (The Atlantic). This article really clarified Antifa for me, who were there, among others, as counter-protesters. I do not agree with Antifa’s tactics, however they are not equivalent to Neo-Nazis, KKK or other white supremacists.

It’s Been A Minute with Sam Sanders: Charlottesville and White People (NPR Podcast). Yes, yes, and YES. These are the conversations we need to hear and need to have with each other. How can we do better, as white people, when it comes to race? We cannot continue putting the burden on the oppressed to carry this and lead this battle. Interesting conversation with a reporter, UVA history professor, developmental psychologist and regular folks like us. This article from Awesomely Luvvie is several months old, but still applies.

Of Paperweights and Privilege (Design For Mankind). Erin’s words have always been so powerful to me. She has such a gentle way of talking about the hard things in life. Her perspective on our privilege is important, and her reading list (at the end of the post) is now my reading list.

There’s so much more out there, but I’ve hit my limit on free articles on both NY Times and the Washington Post’s sites. Let’s turn our attention to other things, if only for a minute.


What I’m wearing

I’ve made several “mainstream” fashion purchases lately, and feeling some guilt. At the same time, I’m also giving myself some grace to buy some items that may not be totally ethical when I know for sure that they will get really good use out of them. It’s a tough battle. But this article freaked me OUT: North Korea is making and exporting garments with “Made In China” tags. WHAT?! The mere possibility that we could be supporting North Korea with our sock purchases is horrifying. Yet another reason to buy consciously.

Something I’ve been getting a ton of wear out of? Two items I never thought I’d wear: my Tevas (‘so dorky!’ I always said) and Salt Water sandals (which I wore as a small child). At the beginning of the summer, I knew I needed some new sandals: a casual pair and an outdoor pair. I lusted after Pons Avarcas for years, and finally pulled the trigger. Unfortunately, I was #blessed with a long/large big toe (I know, TMI) so when I put the Pons on…my big toe stuck straight out of that opening at the end and looked insane. So back they went, and I ordered the trusty Salt Waters. They’re a little wide, like most shoes, but they’re comfortable, cover more of my foot than the strappy ones I used to wear and go with everything. Plus, cheaper than any other options I looked at. I also needed camping/outdoor/water sandals, so I settled on Tevas and they’re honestly so comfortable, and I love them, and I want more.

Speaking of my Tevas, I mentioned them in a video on my YouTube channel this week: The Summer Edit. If you want to see my favorite beauty & other items for the summer, check it out!

Weekend plans

I’ve got the house to myself this weekend, so I’ll be trying to get ahead on blog/YouTube stuff, seeing a couple friends and practicing my makeup skills for my friend’s wedding next weekend. Okay, and stare at photos of my wedding dress 100 times and watch Nashville. Maybe I’ll start a new show?

I’m off work early today (my office is experimenting with summer Fridays) so I’m going to go enjoy the sunshine, and probably get dinner & beer at the food carts nearby.


Take care of yourself this weekend, friends. Much love to all of you xx


Photo: Some pretty flowers from Pike Place Market last weekend. Forever wishing I lived near a pretty flower market like that.