My New Favorite Dress: Reviewing My Sotela Pocket Cocoon Dress

Sotela Cocoon Dress

Introducing: my new favorite dress.

I’ve had my eye on Sotela since last spring when they launched their Kickstarter. I’m happy to say that it worked, and they’re still, well, kicking. Sotela makes beautiful, flattering, everyday dresses for women that you won’t get sick of. The founder, Hanna Baror-Padilla, wanted to make dresses that we’ll wear for years, and feel good in even through weight gain/loss or even pregnancy. All their dresses are ethically and sustainably made, which of course is high priority for me. While I don’t buy 100% sustainable/ethical, I do aim to have more than half my wardrobe made up of secondhand or ethically made pieces.

Well, I finally pulled the trigger, and ordered the Sotela Pocket Cocoon Dress in Moss. I have a closet full of black, and loved that the moss offered a different neutral color. Part of my decision in choosing between the different dress styles, was choosing something that can be worn year round. It’s been a hot summer here in Portland so something light and breezy enough for sweltering days, that can be layered up come November, was key. If I’m going to spend above the $75 mark on something, it needs to be versatile.

Sotela Cocoon Dress

The shape of the Sotela Pocket Cocoon dress is so beautiful. I was nervous it would look like a shapeless sack on me, but it actually drapes so beautifully, and is perfect for those days I feel a little bloated. Because the shoulders are sewn a little smaller, I don’t lose that shape up top which balances the looser shape on the bottom. The longer length is a great balance too, and I feel perfectly comfortable wearing this to the office. I’ve been surprised at how many compliments I get when I wear this dress. Everyone seems to love it! (Oh, there are POCKETS. And you can’t even see them – they aren’t bulky at all. Amazing.)

Finally, and maybe most importantly, this fabric is not only soft but EASY. I love that I can just throw it in the washer and dryer without a second thought. I hate laundry, so any clothing that complicates the laundry process tends to not get worn.

Sotela Cocoon Dress Sotela Cocoon Dress

For this post, I’ve styled my Sotela Pocket Cocoon dress with a Yellow 108 Eastwood Fedora in grey (color no longer available, linked to black) and my new favorite Salt Water Sandals in tan. Easy breezy.