Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation

alima pure satin matte foundationRecently, I was in need of a new foundation. I had been using the W3ll People stick foundation, which I really liked, but was looking for something different. I tried one from Vapour, which had great reviews, but didn’t work for me at all. I also was using the Honest Beauty cream foundation (good, but heavier coverage & a little dry-looking on my skin) and tinted moisturizer (the color I got didn’t match my skin well at the time, and it smells so strongly of chlorine). After striking out with all of these different cream & liquid formulas, I decided to try out powder foundation again.

I’m the type of person that has to set my concealer and any liquid or cream foundation, otherwise everything creases and is left tacky feeling on my skin. I was a bit tired of buying foundation and setting powder, so I figured I’d give powder foundation another whirl. The last time I’d used powder foundation was about 3 years ago when I started using Bare Minerals. I really liked it – it looked good on my skin and was easy and quick to use. My skin just agrees with powder! I wanted something more natural this time around, so of course I turned to a local, all-natural brand I already trusted: Alima Pure.alima pure satin matte foundation

My favorite thing about Alima Pure? I could get a whole set of samples for $25 to color match at home! The Find Your Match kit is so easy. Just head to their website, pick the set you want based on how dark or light your skin is, and you get 10 samples in varying tones (cool to warm) and colors. There are 5 tones: warm, neutral, cool, beige and olive. Each comes in increasing degrees of colors from light to dark. The set comes with a brush, which is super soft, and you’ll get $10 off a full size purchase after ordering the Find Your Match kit.

I ordered the set in Two and played around with various colors. At first I thought I was spot on with Neutral 2 or Beige 2, but after some more experimenting, I landed on Olive 1. Right now, I’m using self tanner, so I’m actually better matched with Olive 1.5. The product is a really silky loose powder and it blends into my skin so flawlessly. It can certainly be built up for the coverage you want. If I want less coverage, I use a fluffier brush to apply it, and for fuller coverage I’ll use smaller brush strokes to concentrate more product all over the face. It takes quite a bit for it to look powdery, and it sets my undereye concealer just fine, adding a little extra coverage (necessary with the bruise-like circles I have going on). alima pure satin matte foundation alima pure satin matte foundation
alima pure satin matte foundation

If you’re at all curious about Alima Pure’s Satin Matte Foundation I highly recommend giving their Find Your Match kit a try. This has quickly become one of my favorite foundations, and I know I’ll return to it again & again. It doesn’t look or feel like I’m wearing makeup, offers superb coverage, and with the color/tone range, is so easy to match anyone’s skin (45 colors total!) Since I’ve switched to 100% natural makeup products, one of the hardest things has been finding a foundation I love. I would choose this foundation over my old favorite any day, and it’s much less expensive. Try the Find Your Match kit here or buy the foundation here.

This post was not sponsored. Alima Pure has no idea who I am or that I’m posting this, I just really love the product & wanted to share it with you!