My Summer Morning Routine + 3 Tips For A Relaxing Morning

my summer morning routine

Summer is by far my favorite season. I love the sunshine, hot air, adventures & relaxed vibes. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate mornings so much more than I used to, and summer mornings are the best kind. I love waking up with the sun and spending time outside first thing after waking up. On weekdays my morning routine is pretty much the same year round – wake up, get ready, run out the door, and eat my breakfast on my way to the bus stop. But on the weekends I intentionally take my time, and take full advantage of the first few hours of my day. I filmed a video sharing my morning routine, which you can see on my YouTube channel, or at the bottom of this post.

I’m definitely not the up-and-at-’em type of person. I prefer to start my day slow and easy, saving the productivity for later (Bryce is the exact opposite of me, and it makes our mornings together pretty interesting!) After a little trial & error, I’ve discovered three key things to a relaxing morning, which leaves me energized and ready for the rest of my day.


3 Tips for A Relaxing Morning Routine

Wake up with the sun.

My weekend mornings used to look a little something like this: my body or the sunshine would wake me up naturally, I’d look at the time and determine it was way too early to wake up, and go back to sleep for two hours, getting up late. I always felt so groggy on those days and it would take me hours to feel awake. Lately, though, when I wake up that first time, I stay awake. Though I don’t hop out of bed immediately (you’ll see that in the video) I feel much more energized when I don’t hit that snooze button.

Spend time outdoors.

This is an easy one in the summertime. I enjoy eating my breakfast outside and taking the dog for a walk. I find that being outside helps to clear my mind and energize me all at once. Nothing makes me happier than a little time outdoors.


Part of my routine is scrolling through my phone first thing in the morning. While I don’t think this is so bad, especially on the weekends (I find that watching a YouTube video or two gives my mind some time to wake up before I hop out of bed, and I just plain enjoy it), some time spent unplugged can do wonders for your mindset. I like to grab a notebook and write some morning pages first thing. This helps clear my mind first thing, getting out any negative thoughts I might be harboring, and usually winds up giving me a burst of inspiration. This last weekend after writing some morning pages, I wound up writing out a whole list of video and blog post ideas, after feeling stuck for weeks. Whether writing, reading a book or magazine or even doing a craft, doing something that allows you to spend some quiet time with your soul first thing can change the entire course of your day for the better.
my summer morning routine

I’d love to hear how you spend your weekday mornings. Let me know in the comments!