Where To Buy Ethical Activewear

where to buy ethical activewear
So, I recently started working out. After a little bit of a numbers shock during my last doctor’s visit (plus a wedding coming up next year) I decided it was high time I get my body in shape. My fitness journey is all over the map, and I’ll talk about it some other time, but I’m finally in a place now where I want to not only look good, but feel good. Currently, I’m working through the four week pre-training workouts of the Kayla Itsines BBG program. It’s tough, but I’m enjoying it!

I’m not ashamed to admit that when I started this program, I bought some activewear at Target. I really didn’t have much in the way of workout clothes, and while I probably could have made do with what I have, I knew that if I was really going to commit, I would need a few new pieces that were dedicated to workouts. Also, I’ve watched myself quit fitness plans so many times that spending a big hunk of change on ethically made clothes just wasn’t reasonable. I needed a quick fix, and so I bought cheap.

While I don’t necessarily feel bad about that, I do hope that in the future, and as I continue my fitness journey, that I can invest in some well-made pieces. I’ve been scouring the web for ethical activewear, and came up with some pretty amazing options! I haven’t done any deep research on all of these brands, so I’m just going to share a quick list with you, and hopefully it will help you out if you’re in the market for some ethical activewear, too!

where to buy ethical activewear

Where to Buy Ethical Activewear

  • Akrovita (tops, bottoms, sports bras, modern/bold style) – $$-$$$
  • Allbirds (shoes, mens) – $$
  • Albion (tops, bottoms, sports bras) – $$
  • Elle Evans (swim, tops, bottoms) – $$ (based in Australia)
  • Fibre Athletics (tops, mens) – $$-$$$
  • Heroine Sport (tops, bottoms, sports bras, mens) – $$$
  • Naja (sports bras, leggings, fun patterns) – $$
  • Patagonia (everything except shoes, mens) – $$-$$$
  • Prana (yoga, tops, bottoms, swim, mens) – $$
  • Port de Bras (tops, bottoms, sports bras, modern/bold style) – $$-$$$
  • Reva (tops, bottoms, mens) – $$
  • Reve en Vert (tops, bottoms, sports bras, sustainable) – $$-$$$
  • Synergy Clothing (yoga) – $$
  • Teeki (yoga, bright/fun patterns, sustainable fabrics/dyes) – $-$$
  • Threads for Thought (tops, bottoms, sports bras, mens) – $$

Special shout out to Selflessly Styled and Sutton & Grove for their thorough posts and introducing me to a few new brands recently!

Any others to add to the list? I’ll likely update this post with any new finds in the future!


PS. I’m currently working on two new resources for y’all: a guide to ethical clothing brands and to green beauty products. Are there any types of clothing or beauty products that you struggle to find ethical/natural versions of? Let me know, as I’d love to help!