10 Most Worn Pieces In My Wardrobe (Fall/Winter Edition)

my 10 most worn pieces: fall/winter

The main point of this whole capsule wardrobe/lean closet/minimalist wardrobe thing? Finding a collection of clothing items that I actually wear, over and over again. While I still feel that my closet needs some work, I thought it would be a good exercise to look at the ten most worn pieces in my closet. I’m definitely the type of person that is not afraid of wearing the same item multiple times per week. I also prefer to find the types of pieces I prefer to wear, like pullover sweaters, and have a few different versions of that piece. You’ll definitely see that here. I certainly have a uniform, and it’s made getting dressed and buying clothes so much easier.

I know we’re moving into spring now (finally!) but I want to look back at the fall and winter and see what I wore most often.

my 10 most worn pieces / fall & winter

No. 1-3: Pullover sweaters

By far these are the most worn pieces in my closet. Specifically I’ve been wearing the heck out of this long grey crewneck, heavyweight black & white knit, and chunky green knit. I love the simplicity of a pullover sweater, just like a t-shirt. I have several (probably 7 or 8) different styles of pullover sweaters – some more casual for weekend wear, and others a little nicer or more stylish that I can wear with trousers at the office. Sometimes I wear them on their own, or I’ll layer a button-up underneath, pair it with a statement necklace, or wear a denim jacket over the top. The versatility, comfort and style make them an essential part of my favorite uniform.

my 10 most worn pieces: sam edelman penny / sam edelman petty

No. 4 & 5: Boots

I am 100% a boot lover – they make up at least half of my shoe collection. The two pairs I’ve worn most this fall and winter are two Sam Edelman styles: the suede Petty ankle boots and cognac Penny riding boots. Riding boots especially are functional for my lifestyle: they keep me
warm, work well in the rain and are nice enough for the office. The ankle boots are a little less functional, but they’re comfortable and stylish, so I reach for them again and again.

10 most worn pieces / paige jeans

No. 6 & 7: Black pants

I wear black pants nearly every day of the week. I think I have 5 pairs? They just work for me. I like a skinny silouette, and black just goes with everything. (Not so great with a shedding yellow lab & a cat with white fur, but that’s what lint rollers are for.) My favorite black trousers are a thrifted Loft pair – a little straighter fit, cropped, with a zipper ankle detail. My black skinny jeans are my favorite pants by far – Nordstrom randomly put the never-on-sale Paige jeans on a limited time markdown a few months ago so I finally spent the cash for them, and I don’t regret it one bit. I’ve had back luck with finding a good pair of black skinny jeans, so I was happy to find these – they fit well, are very soft, and have enough stretch to make them comfy all.day.long.

No. 8: Chambray shirt

The chambray shirt is one of those iconic pieces that became insanely popular, but was never “trendy” so it stuck around. I’m happy it did. This particular one (from J. Crew) doesn’t fit me super well anymore, but I did recently buy a new one in a darker shade that I love. I love this shirt on it’s own with black trousers for work, or layered under one of my 6 million pullover sweaters.

No. 9: Plaid flannel

Growing up the only two things my dad ever wore were white t-shirts and plaid flannel shirts. I’ve definitely carried on the plaid flannel tradition in the family. This is definitely more of a weekend piece, but I just love how comfortable and low-maintenance they are.

10 most worn pieces / madewell silk tee, j. crew always chambray, uniqlo flannel

No. 10: Patterned silk tee

I picked up this top from Madewell last fall, and while it certainly wasn’t a budget-friendly or ethical purchase, it’s earned its place in my wardrobe for sure. I love that I can wear this year-round, it’s comfortable, fairly low maintenance (I hand wash it) and once again, is nice enough to wear to the office. I especially love this top under a denim jacket.

The trend here? Versatility. I just won’t wear something that’s a one-occasion piece. While I still have a few of those in my closet, I want the majority of my pieces to be worn throughout the seasons, in a variety of settings, and paired with any number of items in my closet. Overall, I’m a fairly boring dresser – I don’t get too adventurous with my styling – but I’m learning to love that about myself. It’s kind of nice to be not so focused on my clothes. As much as I love style and fashion, it’s not my biggest passion, so it’s nice to be getting to a place where it doesn’t take up so much of  my headspace.

Okay, you’re turn: what are the most worn pieces in your closet?