The Friday Edit | Working Out, Zero Waste, and Quitting Capsule Wardrobes

striped zara shirt

Happy Friday y’all!

After a week of miserable, grey, rainy weather, the sun is out today and I am feeling so. good. I love the Pacific Northwest, but these winters…well, they kind of suck.

If, like me,  you’re trying to reduce your waste or live a zero waste lifestyle, but it feels intimidating and hard, I think the best thing is to start small. I love this post about 8 bits of plastic you can quit now. It really makes you think about the little things that you can certainly live without, instead of mindlessly tossing in the trash. Just yesterday, I requested no plastic fork from a food cart order (then again, the food was served in a plastic container, which can’t be recycled. Again, baby steps.)

Speaking of zero waste…if you live in Portland, you should definitely check out Chloe’s Portland Zero Waste City Guide. This gal’s a master at this and is making it so much easier for PDXers to be more sustainable.

On another note, I’m really motivated to begin working out. I was super shocked when I recently ordered a scale and saw that the number was by far the highest its ever been. I’m not overweight by any means, but I want to be more fit and look better. After some looking around and seeing what other successful ladies have been doing, I’m going to try out Kayla Itsine’s BBG program. It looks tough, but that’s exactly what I need. I’m also curious about the RetiFit programs, which maybe I’ll try next. If you have experiences with either, or have done other at-home programs you love let me know! (Working out at home is important to me – I know myself, and I would have such a hard time getting to the gym or a class.)

I’m a huge fan of The Everygirl’s career profiles. I always find such good nuggets of wisdom and inspiration in the interviews. This one in particular blew me away: Monica Wang is a photographer AND a full-time Director of Finance at a startup. Just…how? I loved that she has both the creative & the numbers, which is definitely how I am, too.

Finally, I have a new video up on my YouTube channel! In this one, I’m talking about why I decided to quit capsule wardrobes. I wrote a blog post about it recently, but just felt like I had more to say. Sometimes it’s so much easier for me to talk through things than to write them out. Anyway, if you’re curious, and want to hear a little more about what I learned from the experiment, give it a watch!

I hope y’all have a fantastic weekend…what are you up to?

Photo from my Instagram.