The Friday Edit

Hi friends! I feel like it’s been a while since I wrote a little life update/casual Friday post, so here goes!

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Fitness / As in, I’m doing it. My fitness journey is a long and winding story, but the long and short of it is this: I’ve gained weight for the first time in my life and it freaked me out. For the first time ever, I’m really serious about sticking to a plan and getting in shape. So, I plunked down $55 on the Kayla Itsines BBG program. I’m happy to report that I’ve made it through the first two weeks of pre-training (I decided that since I haven’t been regularly working out leading up to it, that this would be the safest bet to ease my way into it, and make it part of my routine). I’m definitely feeling the burn, and am excited to continue. I’m motivated to keep it up – for the first time ever. Do you guys want to see fitness/health related posts here? Let me know!

Wedding / As in, we’re planning it! We officially have our date set and venue booked! On June 16, 2018 I’ll be a Mrs! I want to share some wedding planning posts here, but I plan to save the juicy stuff until after the wedding, when everything is all said and done. Right now we are beginning to chat with photographers, getting our guest list in order and looking at save the date cards. Its so hard not to get ahead of myself, as I’ve been looking forward to planning a wedding since Bryce and I had our first marriage talks last year. This type of thing is what I love to do (planning! pretty things!) so I’ve been loving the process.

Shopping / I successfully made it through my 3 month secondhand shopping challenge! I purchased one new loungewear top (from Claire Marshall’s Pencils of Promise fundraising campaign) and a few items of workout gear from Target. Yeah, the workout gear wasn’t an ‘ethical’ purchase but frankly, the budget is tight for clothing right now and I’ve bought workout gear in the past and have promptly given up on my exercise goals. A huge investment just wasn’t in the cards. Anyway, I’ve loved purchasing secondhand these last few months, and will definitely continue to make it my main form of clothing shopping. It definitely fits my lifestyle right now, so I’m sticking with it! I even repaired a secondhand sweater yesterday – responsible clothes ownership!

As always, here’s a few stories I wanted to share with you. Have a fantastic April weekend!

Why ‘Millenial Pink’ refuses to go away. (No shame, I love it!)

+ I saw the new Beauty and the Beast last weekend and LOVED IT. This look into Belle’s costumes and what they mean for the character, the movie and her brand is fascinating.

+ As we approach marriage, finances are of course a big conversation. Really intrigued by the concept of choosing to live on one income, while continued to earn two.

+ I love seeing big companies make big strides in terms of sustainability. One such company making headlines in this regard is L’Oreal. While I personally don’t purchase L’Oreal or similar products anymore due to the ingredient list, a lot of people will continue to use them, so someone’s money is supporting this. I do wish more of these big cosmetic companies were paying more attention to the ingredients, too.

Start small. Just some wise words when the ethical fashion journey is getting you down.

+ A couple fun things to end on: Where is Oklahoma? I’ve had this conversation countless times (I’ve got some Okie in my blood, by way of my grandfather) and found this article about the cultural implications of a state’s geographic location really interesting, albeit not very conclusive. And this in-depth look at the favorite locker room snack of NBA players goes so much further than crunchy or smooth. And as a Celtics fan, I feel a bit of pride.

  • Maja Harder Thygesen

    Really admire you for keeping going for the ethical fashion choices. It is something I have started to think a lot about lately, but I still find it quite difficult