Five Favorite Email Newsletters

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In the last year or two, email newsletters have been the big marketing tool for online content creators and creative entrepreneurs. Newsletters kind of have a bad rap as a spammy email that ends up in your inbox trying to sell you stuff, but newsletters have morphed into something better as of late. I’m not signed up for any email newsletters that simply notify me of new blog posts, as I use Bloglovin’ to follow blogs, and find these newsletters repetitive. I prefer a newsletter that gives me something more than a blog. Sometimes, when I don’t really have time to surf blogs, I’m grateful to have a little email pop in my inbox and give me valuable information.

Today, I thought I’d share 5 of my favorite email newsletters, and maybe you’ll find something you like too…

5 favorite email newsletters


5 favorite email newsletters from creative women

Cup Of Jo

This one’s for the busy bee.

Cup of Jo has long been one of my favorite blogs, and I’ve read nearly every post on the site, so when Joanna announced a newsletter, I was all over it. Each Thursday afternoon, their newsletter includes links to a few featured blog posts from the week, an inspirational quote, and some shopping finds, in addition to a few little surprises. This one is quick and easy, a great way to catch up on any blog posts you may have missed, and a nice reminder that it’s almost Friday!

Sign up for Cup of Jo here. (in the sidebar)

5 favorite email newsletters from creative women

The M List

This one’s for the minimalist.

The M List is a newsletter from the clothing company Imby. This one is a weekly newsletter with links to a few minimalism-related articles, and always features a photo of a stylish gal.

Sign up for The M List here.


5 favorite email newsletters from creative women

10 Things by Of A Kind

This one’s for the curious gal.

10 Things is a newsletter from Claire and Erica, founders of Of A Kind and hosts of the podcast A Few Things. I love all of the above. Each week in their newsletter Claire and Erica each share 5 things that interested them that week, whether a new recipe, great article, or something that needs to be in your Amazon shopping cart.

Sign up for 10 Things here.
5 favorite email newsletters from creative women

Rowan Made Letters

This one’s for the creative entrepreneur.

I’ve been following graphic designer Breanna Rose through her blog and social media for quite some time. I’m not a designer or entrepreneur but I love her work, style, and overall personality. Her newsletters, part of her design business Rowan Made, are just that: letters. It has the feel of a blog post, but more personal, and I like the insight into the behind the scenes of her business. If you’re interested in seeing the real person behind a business, and getting a little pep talk in your inbox occasionally, check this one out.

Sign up for Rowan Made here.

5 favorite email newsletters from creative women

It’s Raining Somewhere

This one’s for the activist.

When my friend Calli posted on Facebook that she was starting a weekly newsletter related to activism, I knew I had to sign up. Calli has previously worked with the Oregon Legislature and has continued her political career in Washington State, so she knows her stuff. Each week in her email newsletter, It’s Raining Somewhere, Calli shares what she’s reading and watching, most of it political. She ends each letter with some action items, things we can do to help make a difference in our communities and our country to preserve human and civil rights. I learn so much from the articles she shares.

Sign up for It’s Raining Somewhere hereWomen For The Future art by Tallulah Fontaine via IRS #10.


Now, let’s here it! Are you signed up for any kickass email newsletters that I should check out?