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chasing slow by erin loechner

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A couple months ago I saw a tweet from blogger Erin Loechner, of Design For Mankind, with a link to apply for the launch team of her upcoming book, Chasing Slow. I’ve followed DFM for quite a long time now, and have always enjoyed both Erin’s perspective on life and style and the way she writes. Her blog at once feels fresh and familiar, like she’s speaking straight to you, even though you’re merely reading the words.

Her book is the same.

chasing slow by erin loechner

I was accepted as part of the launch team, and was sent a free advanced copy of the book – no strings attached. Just read the book, and share if you wish. I definitely want to share.

I’m a little slow on sharing this post. I did write a little something over on Instagram last month, but I’ve been busy and tired and just couldn’t find the words to say about this book yet.

Chasing Slow is about finding ways to slow life down, to keep our wants simple, and focus on the things in life that matter. Erin shares her struggles with work, being a public figure, and motherhood. From fashion to a brain tumor, this book covers everything from the littlest things in life to the heaviest. The biggest theme throughout the book, is how we struggle with striving for more with the desire to slow it down.

The thing I love most about Chasing Slow is that I see so much of myself in Erin and the stories she chose to share. I, too, seek to control my life and surroundings to mask my insecurities. If I have just the right closet, or my house is just so, then I will be like those other girls I see on the internet. That’s not how it works. For me, the most valuable part of this book was watching Erin continually learn the same lessons over and over in different ways. It didn’t wrap up in a nice neat I figured it out! kind of way. She admits her imperfection and struggle which helps her readers to embrace their own and stop fighting it.

chasing slow by erin loechner chasing slow by erin loechner

I found her struggle to hand control over to God so relatable. It’s such a simple statement: Let go. But it’s so much harder and deeper than that, and her honesty in saying yes it’s hard, and sometimes we’ll still get it wrong, gave me so much comfort. Somehow knowing that the outcome will be imperfect, makes it easier to try.

Chasing Slow is such a rich book, full of true, honest stories about a women who’s trying to figure it out, just like the rest of us. Not to mention it looks good on your coffee table. (I liked the book so much, halfway through, I bought the “real” copy, so now I have two! I also ordered it for my soon-to-be sister-in-law who also loved it.)

Have you read this book yet? If you haven’t, and it interests you, I really suggest picking up a copy for yourself. I think there’s something in here for every woman.

  • I’ve been wanting to read this! Too bad I don’t live near enough to borrow your copy. So glad you enjoyed, xoxo.