Thrifted Finds No. 2


After another recent closet clear out, I was left with quite a few holes. Since I’m only buying secondhand for a couple of months, I headed to Buffalo Exchange the other day to see what I could find. Surprisingly, I found quite a lot! Most often when I head in there with the intent of actually buying something, I can’t find a single thing, but I found an armload to try on and came out with five items!

I have to say, not being restricted to a capsule wardrobe anymore feels really good. As much as I loved the journey and how much I learned from it, I love being able to experiment a bit more, whenever I feel like it. Here’s what I found last week for my second round of thrifted finds…

Uniqlo flannel shirt / My favorite clothing item has to be a soft flannel shirt. There’s really nothing better, and on the weekends, I live in them. Unfortunately, the sleeves had shrunken on a few I had, so I was in need of some additions. This one is lightweight, but really soft, and a color and scotch plaid pattern I love.

Loft sweater / In the fall and winter, all I want to wear is cozy pullover sweaters, and I really only have a couple I love enough to wear all the time. I’m always on the lookout for them, so I was excited to find this one. It’s thick and warm, has zero wool (I’m terribly sensitive to it), neutral colors, and kind of unique. The front and sleeves are a black and white flecked pattern and the back is solid black. Plus, it’s longer in the back, which I really like as a balance to some of my shorter sweaters.

J. Crew graphic blouse / This sleeveless blouse caught my eye for the office. I’m usually not drawn to such bold patterns, but in black and white, I like it. It’s a longer, tunic-length so I could probably get away with wearing it with leggings, but will work well with the half-million skinny black pants I have ;) It’ll likely be a winner in the summertime, since it’s sleeveless, but with a cozy cardigan in the winter works just as well.

Long cardigan / I was hesitant about the whole duster/long cardigan thing, but after trying this on, I remembered why they’re so great! This one isn’t super high quality (the brand is Sage & Sadie, which is sold at Nordstrom Rack) and it’s a loosely knitted acrylic. But it came with the tags still on, so I figured it would be alright – the sleeve started coming apart at the seam the first day I wore it, and was torn apart all the way up to my elbow by the end of the day! I will sew it up to keep it wearable but I wasn’t expecting that! Anyway, if I can get it repaired, then I’m sure it will be a closet go-to.

Madewell black trousers (not pictured) / I’ve resigned myself to only black plants at the office, and the occasional denim on the weekends, and I don’t even feel bad about it. These trousers were something I picked up randomly off the rack, because I was trying on so many tops and was wearing a dress that day – so I needed pants to try everything on with. They turned out to be comfortable and fit perfect. New work pants? Check!


Have you found any fun thrifted finds lately?

  • I’ve started almost exclusively thrifting for the past 5 months since I decided to forgo fast fashion. I’ve found so much amazing stuff! $30 for a 100% silk blouse, $40 for new with tags pants I was about to buy full price for $135, and more. Have you tried any of the online ones? I like depop the best :)