My 2017 Goals

2017 goals (explore more)

Not gonna lie, I love setting goals.

I don’t care how cheesy or silly New Years resolutions may seem to some people, they still make a difference for me. I certainly didn’t achieve every goal I set for myself last year, but there were a few, the ones the really mattered, that stuck in my mind all year, and I felt more accomplished on December 31st because of them. I paid off a big chunk of debt, because in the back of my mind I had that resolution. I learned a lot, I read a lot, I spent a lot of time considering and practicing minimalism. I made some important changes this year because of my resolutions.

So, I’m sticking with it. And going with my word grace I’m open to not achieving every single thing. The point is that these resolutions will be what motivate me. Sometimes you don’t know until you’ve put something into practice, until you’ve worked at it, that maybe it just isn’t right for you. Like learning French last year; it just wasn’t enough of a priority. Maybe someday (I still really want to be comfortable with French!) but not right now. Life happens, goals change.

January 1st is just an easy time marker, a natural place to pause, like a comma.

Stop, ponder, then continue. 2017 will not bring a whole new me. Just a pause for reflection and an opportunity to continue improving.

With all that said, here are a few goals I’m keeping in mind for 2017. Nothing groundbreaking, but something to keep me moving forward.

+ Continue decluttering. How is it that I keep finding more junk in my house, without really buying that much stuff? Moving to a house with a basement surely didn’t help. This year, a basement clear out and continuing to reassess all those drawers and closets.

+ Hike and camp more. Suddenly, I’ve got this itch to go on all the hikes. Oregon has so much to offer, and though I feel like we’ve explored a good chunk of it, there’s still so much more to see. I got Bryce this book a couple years ago and recently dug into it myself – so many gems. We also got our camper last year, and definitely want to take it out as often as possible. We’ve got a long list going of places we want to check out around Oregon and Southwest Washington – I really want to check out more of Eastern Oregon!

+ Buy more secondhand. I’ve got a post coming up very soon regarding this and a challenge to only thrift shop for a while. I think the best way to shop ethically and sustainable is buying second hand. I live in a great place for buying quality goods second hand and want to take advantage!

+ Organize my photos. This is really a one day task, but one I’ve been putting off too long. My computer is a mess.

+ Learn to budget.

+ Read more and spend more evenings on self care. As much as I love Netflix, writing in my journal, reading a book, or doing a face mask make me feel better in the long run.