Focus, Grace, Experience: Three Words For 2017

my words for 2017

Happy New Year friends!

Last year was the first time I chose a word for the year. My word for 2016 was grow. The thing I love most about choosing a word, is that it gives a general theme for the year, and I can let that guide my goals. Last year’s goals were about growth, and while I feel like I followed through pretty well in the first half of the year, by the second half I’d kind of forgotten  my word and goals, and felt a little scattered again. It’s hard to remember one thing all year long!

This year, I’ve chosen three words for 2017. That might sound a bit ambitious, but I think they all work well together. Different seasons of life call for different things, so sometimes one word just won’t fit, and that’s okay. The words I’ve chosen come from a lot of reflection about 2016: what worked, what didn’t, and how I can improve. My guiding words for 2017 are focus, grace and experience.


I felt very scattered throughout 2016, and so I chose focus as my first 2017 word. When I’m doing something, I want to focus on it, and not let myself get distracted by the 7 other things I could be thinking about. I’ve always been easily distracted, and a little flighty. Part of it is an inherent ambition. Unfortunately, without focus, this ambition fails me. There are so many things I want to do – eat better, go running, go camping, clean the house, go zero waste, switch to non-toxic products, simplify my wardrobe, shop only ethically, wake up earlier, read more, watch more movies… I can’t do it all at once.

So, the word is focus. Choose something, anything, and focus on that one thing.


I have a pretty bad habit of beating myself up for not being “perfect”. Mentally, I am not as strong as I’d like to be, so when I fail or don’t live up to expectations I’ve set for myself (which are often just too high to reach) I mentally berate myself. It’s time to give myself grace. I have a quote from Jess Lively’s podcast (I’m not sure if its her quote or someone else’s) written on a sticky at my desk at work, that I should really post up everywhere in my house and tattoo on my hand: “Surround yourself with infinite grace.” I’m so afraid of failure, and I set too many random, high-reaching expectations for myself. I feel like it’s time to give myself grace. (I have so much more to say on this, so if this feels confusing to you, I’ll have at least one blog post coming up soon to discuss it more.)


The past two years have seen my foray into minimalism. I write about buying less and better, of minimizing my wardrobe, and being content with what I have. In truth, I have maintained most the same consumerist tendencies, and feel as if I’ve continued to focus on things. I think that the perfect way to combat these consumerist habits, is focusing on experiences. Going hiking, camping, exploring my city and traveling are ways I can stop focusing on buying more things. Getting out of my house more will keep my mind from thinking of ways to fill it with more stuff. I hope to make plans to get out and explore at least twice a month throughout the year. I feel so much more satisfied by experiences than I am by buying things. I think experience is a natural progression from last year’s grow.

This will also affect my blog in some ways. I won’t have any shopping plans or capsules. I’ll still talk about style and might still post about shopping or post outfits. I haven’t totally decided yet, but I do know I’ll be posting more about the adventures I’m having. I’m just going to post what I want and figure it out as I go. I hope you all understand.


I’ll have more to say on all these topics throughout the year I’m sure. I’ll be back on Wednesday with my 2017 goals. Next week I’ll be on vacation in California (!!!) but will have some posts queued up about the style lessons I learned in 2016, perfectionism and a new shopping challenge.

Do you choose a word for the year? Or a general theme? I’d love to hear it if you do!

  • I love your words Stacy, and your self-reflection is inspiring. I am excited to see where you take 2017.

    I agree, it is hard to shake those consumerist tendencies, you’re not alone in that area! I like your plan to combat it! I want more experiences this year too, instead of collecting more things.

    • Thank you Andrea! I found that by limiting clothes shopping, I was buying more house stuff, and simultaneously less content with my closet. Still trying to figure it all out. I’ve never come back from a camping trip wanting to buy anything though, so maybe that’ll be the trick…