Christmas Vlog // Week One

Good morning friends! My first Christmas vlog is live!

If you’re a YouTube fiend like me, you know all about Vlogmas. If not, I’ll fill you in. During the month of December a bunch of YouTubers film and publish daily vlogs of their goings on. It’s quite the challenge, from what I’ve heard, and obviously not something I’m ready to take on. Also, if I daily vlogged my life it would be so boring – I work a full time desk job! However, I always want to make a point to really enjoy the holiday season, getting out of the house and doing things, so the challenge of creating these weekly videos is inspiring me to do that.

This weekend we went and picked out our first real Christmas tree, baked cookies and decked our halls! Hope you enjoy – happy holidays!

  • Love it. Thank you for sharing your weekend!

  • Love this! Congrats on your first tree – it looks perfect! That farm looked pretty decent too.