A Minimal Fall & Winter Wardrobe

fall/winter 2016 wardrobeFall is slowly creeping into winter, so I guess it’s high time I finally shared my fall/winter wardrobe with y’all! Dressing for fall is one of my favorites, and this year I am being more intentional, and minimal, about it than ever before. Now that I’ve moved past capsule wardrobes, I’m looking at my very lean closet in a whole new way. Since seasons melt into each other, I’m focusing on more of an all-season approach. Only very weather-specific items are in hiding, while the rest of my wardrobe is available to me every day. It gives me more freedom, and I feel less restrictive.

A few weeks ago I went through yet another massive wardrobe clean out. I tucked away the few items I knew I wanted to keep for next summer (shorts, tank tops) and pulled everything else out and dumped it on my sofa. I was pretty ruthless. I’ll share my process and what I decided to ditch next week.

What I was left with was…far fewer pieces than I expected. I actually started with fewer pieces than expected. I was left with approximately 30 pieces (not including shoes or accessories) which make up my fall and winter wardrobe.

fall/winter 2016 wardrobeMy wardrobe is not perfect. There’s items that need to be replaced and items that I really wish I had, or had more of. Of course, this is a main reason I ditched capsule wardrobes, to relieve that pressure of needing the perfect pieces right now; To allow my wardrobe to be a journey, not a destination.

While a few items are new additions, most are from last year, or carried over from the summertime. Here is what I am wearing this fall & winter.




White t-shirt / Grey “Whiskey” t-shirt / Everlane Square Silk shirt / Everlane sleeveless silk / Short-sleeve chambray / Long-sleeve oatmeal t-shirt / Long-sleeve chambray / Plaid button-up / Red flannel / Striped 3/4-sleeve shirt / Rust sweater / Grey cable knit / Light grey cotton sweater / Tan sweater / Green sweater / Black sweater / Brown cardigan / Oatmeal cardigan



Black skinny jeans / Dark denim skinny jeans / Black pencil skirt / 2 pairs black slim trousers / Grey cropped wool trousers



Striped t-shirt dress / Chambray dress / Black A-line dress / Grey flared dressfall/winter 2016 wardrobe

For now, that’s it. Without a capsule wardrobe, I am free to add pieces as I find them, and I will. I’ll likely take part in a little bit of online Black Friday shopping, for items I know I truly need and want, like another knit sweater and a warm winter coat. So far, I feel like this fall/winter wardrobe has been my most rewarding yet, and is already teaching me so much about being content with what I have.

I’d love to know what you’re wearing this season, and are there any good (ethical) Black Friday deals?