Keep Moving Forward / Thoughts On Our Election

keep moving forward / thoughts on the 2016 election

Hi friends, I have something a little different for you today. I had an outfit post, but I couldn’t bring myself to finish it, or hit publish, on something so seemingly trivial this week. I hope you can read this with an open mind and open heart. It is something I needed to write for myself, and hopefully for others it helps too. Take care of yourselves this weekend, and I’ll be back as usual on Monday. Much love, friends. 

The past 48 hours, I’ve struggled with the outcome of our election. It’s been a roller coaster of deep sadness, fear and, at times, even hope.

I spent the election cycle with an open mind, doing my best to understand different points of view. I read stories of impoverished people and rural towns who are truly suffering. I listened to the economic, social and foreign policies. While the issue is multi-faceted, and I don’t want to oversimplify the matter, my vote ultimately came down to choosing the better person. Donald Trump displayed repulsive behavior throughout his campaign, and even before it, proving that he does not represent myself or this country. That is why I am so frustrated and saddened by this outcome. I could accept respectful and qualified Republican candidate, and my issue is not with his party, but with him.

The USA is a country of morality, dignity and strength. To me, he showed none of that, and throughout the campaign, Hillary Clinton showed nothing but grace and class. She is a true inspiration to me, as a woman and as an American. Pulling the pink champagne out of my fridge and hiding it away in a cupboard was the last thing I expected to do on Wednesday morning. I wanted so badly to pop it, and celebrate our first female president, something that is long overdue. I wanted someone in the White House that I could be proud of. She is the most qualified candidate to have ever run for president, and it is truly a shame that she was defeated.

What I really struggle with is fear for my fellow Americans. There are millions of people across this country who are truly afraid for their safety, and for good reason. Please do not misunderstand me: not all Trump supporters/voters are mean or hateful people. I know people who voted for him who are not this way. 25% of our country’s voters chose him; they are not to be painted with a broad brush. However, Trump’s words brought out the very worst people in our country. In the 48 hours since his election, there have been floods of stories of Muslim, Hispanic, black, and LGBTQ Americans who have been attacked. Muslim women have their hijabs ripped off (if they are brave enough to wear them at all), Hispanics are being screamed at in the streets that they’ll soon be deported, and the n-word is being spray painted on innocent people’s cars.

This is not the America I know and love. It is scary. I am doing my best to maintain a positive attitude, but it’s difficult. Right now, there are people who are celebrating this election and others mourning. Both need to reach across, and listen. We cannot allow ourselves to be divided. We must listen to one another, understand each other. Most importantly, we must remember that everyone has their own experience. Each of our views are shaped by individual experiences and they are valid. It can be difficult to understand, but we have to try.

I so appreciated what one of my favorite design bloggers, Emily Henderson, wrote on her blog. First, she posted asking people to explain why they voted for Trump. No judgement, no arguments, just pure curiosity, wanting to understand the other side of the electorate. Then, she posted why she voted for Hillary Clinton. What she writes in that post nearly perfectly captures my thoughts. I suggest reading her posts; they are honest and kind.

It will likely be a long time until I feel okay about this. I will probably never like Trump as our president. I will keep fighting for what I do believe in. I will stand up against the prejudice and hatred that his campaign validated.

At the end of the day, and as I said in this Instagram post, I have faith in God, who is above any man on earth. I will keep my eyes on Him and live my life in love. I hope you will join me.

  • Thank you for this post. The past week has been anything but “business as usual” for me, yet some of the bloggers I follow have avoided talking about the election entirely. Gratefully, others have expressed their grief, pain or horror over the outcome – even if by writing a short line or two prefacing their usual fare. The contrast made me realize how much that sort of acknowledgement means to me. Makes me feel safe and like I’m following kindred spirits. So again, thank you.