Thrifted Finds No. 1

More and more I’m finding how much I love thrift shopping. As much as I love finding a brand new piece and discovering new brands, thrift shopping works for me in this stage of my life. I’m trying to do my best to shop ethically and sustainably as much as possible, while also keeping to a budget. Buying used clothing naturally checks all these boxes, and it’s actually a lot of fun.

leather backpack & cable knit sweater

I thought I’d start sharing some of my favorite thrift shopping finds. Sometimes I go out looking for something in particular, and other times I just wander around and see what I can find. While I purchase intentionally for my wardrobe, and don’t impulse buy per se, there’s a bit of spontaneity when it comes to thrift shopping, and you never know what you’re going to find.

Recently while wandering Buffalo Exchange I had two pieces in mind: a thick knit sweater and a small leather backpack. I live in pullover sweaters all fall and winter, and my closet is sorely lacking in sweaters. I came across this Woolrich cable knit sweater and knew that if it fit, I had to have it. It’s incredibly soft, and a good quality thick knit. It was around $35, and when I found it online, it was $165 full price. The dark green color works well in my wardrobe, however it mostly gets worn around the house. I also really love the longer length, as it means I can wear it with leggings and it covers everything up. My favorite feature is the unique stag head that’s knitted into the front. It’s subtle and fun.

Woolrich cable knit sweaterHobo River leather backpack

I was hoping to find a small backpack for my New York trip, as I knew it would be more comfortable to carry around. Knowing it was something I would use again, and not just on my trip, I started looking around but was coming up short. Nothing really fit what I was hoping to find or was within my budget. Just as I was about to leave Buffalo Exchange I checked the handbag rack one last time, and came across this Hobo leather backpack. Brand new, these babies are $250, and I found this one, in perfect condition, for $40.

The leather of this bag is some of the softest I’ve ever felt, and while I’m not against leather goods, it does feel better to buy it second hand. It’s small enough so it feels like a handbag, but surprisingly holds quite a bit. There’s a small pocket on the back for a phone, and a couple little pockets inside. This is one of my favorite purchases I’ve made to date!

leather backpack & cable knit sweater

I’ll be heading out to a few other consignment and thrift stores next week – fingers crossed I can cross a few things off my fall/winter wardrobe shopping list – for a lot less than brand new!

  • Kendra

    What an amazing find! I love a good thrift store find :)