What I Packed For NYC In The Fall

Packing for New York City in the fallOkay, it’s time for my final New York City post, and possibly my favorite: What I packed for NYC!

My favorite part about travel is the planning.

Have I lost you yet? ;)

I love deciding where I’m going to go, how to get around, what I’ll eat and dedicating my days to specific sites. Usually, when Bryce and I plan a trip somewhere, he just lets me do my thing.

One of the best things to plan? My outfits. I love going through my closet, contemplating my days, and deciding what clothes to bring. However, I tend to over-pack. In fact, I’ve probably mentioned it here before, but I am a chronic over packer. I’m working on it.

That didn’t change at all when I decided what I packed for NYC. Part of it was due to the fact that the weather changed drastically from what we were expecting. Mid-October in New York, from what I understand, is usually nice but chilly. Checking the weather ahead of time showed no rain, and mid-60s up to maybe low 70s the final day. We ended up with bright sunshine and mid-70s up to 80 degrees (!!!) our final days. So, I packed a lot of longer sleeves that didn’t get worn.Packing for New York City in the fall

Had the weather been what I expected, this post might look a bit different. This isn’t everything I packed for NYC, but this what I packed and actually wore. Which I think is what’s most valuable. I’m going to break this down into outfits per day/activity.


Friday evening: Dinner & drinks in Williamsburg

Short sleeve chambray shirt + Black skinny jeans + Grey ankle booties + Lightweight olive jacket (not pictured – oops!)

After a long day of travel, the two of us were starving and excited to get out and explore the city! Katie found a cute pub for burgers and beer, then we wandered the streets. It was warm so I carried my coat, but threw it on when we had drinks on a little back patio at a bar. This outfit was comfortable, casual and felt like me, which was just what I needed!

Saturday: Sightseeing in Downtown Manhattan

Striped shirt + Burgundy cardigan + Black skinny jeans (on sale!) + Nike sneakers + Black scarf

Comfort and layers were the name of the game this day. It was going to be a long day from early morning to late evening, not to mention a lot of walking. A loose fitting shirt with 3/4 sleeves was perfect when it warmed up, but a scarf + cardi combo kept me warm when the sun went down.

Packing for New York City in the fall

Saturday evening: A nice dinner with old friends in Brooklyn

Printed silk tee (on sale!) + Black skinny jeans + Black heeled ankle boots

This is my idea of a dressy outfit. We were at a nicer restaurant, but nothing too fancy (it’s still Brooklyn!) so this worked perfectly. I love the slimming and heightening effect of these black ankle boots with black skinny jeans. This printed silk top instantly dresses up an outfit with no effort at all – perfect since we were running late! I added some dark red lipstick to finish it off, and felt chic but not overdone.
Packing for New York City in the fall

Sunday: Biking around Central Park & an evening comedy show

White tee + Denim jacket + Black scarf + Black skinny jeans + Grey ankle booties + Grey hat

Another varied and busy day called for an outfit that could blend into any situation. The temps were slowly rising too, with it cooler in the morning and very warm in the afternoon. The layers were perfect for standing on the Empire Stat Building observation deck in the chilly evening air, and taken off to feel the breeze as we biked around. The hat helped the outfit feel more put together – it was my first time wearing it in public and I really love wearing it.


Monday: Museums and downtown sightseeing

Black A-line dress + Denim jacket + Nike sneakers

It was finally too warm for pants, and my black skinnies needed a rest. This dress from Brass is so comfortable, and is a true workhorse. It’s like a chameleon – depending where we were in the day, I fit right in. Casual at Shake Shack, chic at the MoMA, modest at the 9/11 memorial and comfortable just walking around town.


Tuesday: Exploring The Met and traveling home

White tee + Denim jacket + Black skinny jeans + Grey ankle booties + Black scarf

Outfit repeater! This was the same thing I wore Sunday, minus the hat. It was hot this day, so the denim jacket and scarf barely made an appearance until the airport. I never wear jeans on a plane – ever. I find them so uncomfortable, digging into my hips and not stretching enough. I always wear leggings. However, these Paige jeans are so comfortable, I actually did wear them on the plane and they were great. Getting dressed on Tuesday was a balance between what I needed to pack away, what would be appropriate for a museum, and what would be comfortable on a plane. This combo really hit all those things. Plus, we all know I’m not afraid of outfit repetition.
Packing for New York City in the fall


I took two bags with me on the trip. This small leather backpack which I found for a steal at Buffalo Exchange, was the perfect everyday bag. I was toting two cameras, my wallet, sometimes a scarf, a bottle of water, and my phone everyday, and cross body bags tend to strain my shoulders. This little backpack was perfect. Then, on nights we were at the Airbnb before dinner, I’d take my favorite thrifted Dooney & Bourke bag. It’s structured and looks nice, and is the perfect size: small enough that it doesn’t get in the way, big enough to hold everything I need.

I packed two scarfs, but only the black one was worn, as the other was too warm for the weather. Three pairs of shoes was perfect: comfy sneaks for walking around, my trusty flat boots, and a dressier pair of boots. A word of advice when choosing shoes to travel with: choose the pairs you wear all the time at home. These are the ones that are most comfortable, and you know will match any outfit. I didn’t even think about NYC when choosing my shoes.


What I didn’t wear

I packed another long sleeve button up, two long sleeve sweaters, dark denim skinny jeans, and and extra scarf. I didn’t touch any of these! Part of it was the weather, but it was also due to over-packing and wishful thinking. When I travel, I wear the same things I would wear if I were at home. I always try to pack an alternate persona, and wind up with a bag full of unworn clothes. This is something I’m really working on as I learn to pack light.

Alright, that was a lot.

What would you be pack for NYC? Any trips coming up? Tips for packing light?