The Summer Edit | Favorites in Beauty, Style, & More

Today I’m sharing with you my summer edit! I can’t quite bring myself to do monthly favorites posts or videos. I don’t quite use or purchase enough products to warrant sharing monthly favorites. I feel like it might get a little repetitive. Plus, this month I’m on a shopping ban, so I really won’t be using anything new. (I’ll update y’all on the shopping ban soon, but let me just say it’s not going nearly as smoothly as last time. Oh well!)

Here are the products discussed in the video…

Soothing Touch Organic Lavender Salt Scrub
Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Day Shade Facial Lotion
Madewell Bandana
Madewell Tank (suggest sizing up as there’s no stretch)
Madewell Chambray Shirt
Natalie Martin Kimono (purchased on sale with a gift card at Anthropologie)
The Feast of Love


You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been doing quite a few videos lately, and I’ve really been enjoying it. So, you might notice some changes around here, but maybe not? I’m really trying to work out exactly what the balance will be with traditional blog posts and videos, and where I want this all to go. I’m working on being a lot more thoughtful and intentional about this, as I really enjoy the discussion and community that builds when I post good content. I’ve also been considering a name change for quite some time, though my blog name isn’t very old (maybe two-ish years). I named the blog partly for the journey I knew it would take me on, but also with a focus on decorating and interior design in mind. That focus has changed drastically, and while I still talk about the home, I discuss it in a very different way. My goal is no longer to work in the industry, which was where I was headed when I chose the name. I feel disconnected from it, but also don’t want to lose readership or change it and feel the need to change it again two years down the road.

Kind of just wanted to talk through that and share some of my thoughts with you guys. What do you think? Is a blog name change superfluous or reasonable? It’s so hard to make these decisions on my own!