Stowaway Cosmetics Review

Is it just me, or is everything cuter when it’s miniature? Baby shoes, scale models and travel-sized anything are just so irresistibly cute. This explains the initial appeal of Stowaway Cosmetics products to me. Mini lipstick? Yep, I’ll take three.

Stowaway Cosmetics Review / reviewing the Stowaway Cosmetics basics kit and essential eye paletteIf you haven’t heard of Stowaway Cosmetics before, they’re a really interesting makeup company that focuses on products in a smaller package. The reasoning for the smaller products is that pesky expiration date (yes, your makeup expires!) The founders realized that most conventional products expire before they can be used completely, which is incredibly wasteful (or bad for your skin, if you ignore that date). In additional to creating small, travel-friendly products, all Stowaway products are EU compliant, meaning they are much safer to use. The EU has banned about 1,300 harmful ingredients from cosmetic products that the US has not (we’ve only banned 11!) and Stowaway chooses to formulate their products to comply with these, much stricter, guidelines.

It’s easy to see why these smaller, safer products would be a minimalist’s dream come true! After ordering several of their products and testing them out for a few weeks, I reviewed them to help others out there who might be curious about trying their products. So far, they only sell online through their website, which is always a scary way to try new makeup! Hopefully this will help anyone out there who is looking at their products.

The products I reviewed are the Basics Kit and the Essential Eye Palette, which I received free with a coupon code from being on their mailing list. If you’re planning to place an order for a few products, I suggest signing up for their mailing list as they send out codes for free bonus products all the time!

The Basics Kit includes:
:: Radiant Complexion Beauty Balm
:: Creaseless Concealer
:: Cheek & Lip Rouge
:: Effortless Eyeliner
:: Mascara
:: Creme Lipstick

Stowaway Cosmetics Review / reviewing the Stowaway Cosmetics basics kit and essential eye paletteMy favorite products are the beauty balm and concealer. I like the lip & cheek rouge, but the color isn’t quite right for me, and I can’t get it to look good on my lips, just my cheeks. For my full review, check out the video above! (I apologize, it’s a bit long – feel free to skip ahead to any products you’re more curious about!)


I’d love to know if you’ve tried Stowaway Cosmetics products and what you think! If you have any other questions about these products, just let me know in the comments below, or on the video!

Neither this post or the video are sponsored in any way (I wish!) and all opinions are 100%, honestly, my own.

  • Love the concept of smaller products…I know I can never finish a full-size lipstick! That eyeshadow palette looks amazing too.