How I Organize My Closet In A Small Home

org-closet Today I’m combining two topics all in one post: capsule wardrobes and small homes. As you’re probably aware, I have both of these, and it seems that having a more minimal wardrobe would make organizing your clothes a lot easier. In theory, yes, but in practice, not always. So, I’d like to share with you how I organize my closet, along with the rest of my clothes.

Our home is a single-story triplex built in the 1950s, with all the practicalities that come with that (read: almost none). As is typical with older homes, storage space is both limited and ill-placed. Our bedroom has one closet, that is fairly wide, but only a single 30″ door on the left side of it to access. This means that only 1/3 of the closet is easily accessible, the rest of it tucked behind the bedroom wall. Additionally our bedroom is tiny and we have a queen bed, leaving little space for dressers or other clothes storage.

Needless to say, I’ve had to get creative.

I’m surprised by this all the time, but B has more clothes than I do. His dresser is twice as big as mine and I’ve given him the bedroom closet. Between the clothes he’s required to wear for his job and the clothes he wears when he’s not working, it just adds up. At one point I thought I’d get rid of my dresser and just claim a drawer or two of his – no space, not happening.

So, where are my clothes? All over the place. Maybe this will help you get a sense of how to creatively store your clothes in a small space, or maybe it will just satiate that nosiness we all have. Anyway, this is how I organize my closet and clothes, no fancy garment racks in sight. (I have no space for a garment rack anyway.)

organizing your capsule wardrobe

In the closet

I keep my current capsule wardrobe in my closet. My closet is actually in the hallway, just outside our bedroom door, as it’s the only place that would work for easy access to my clothes. Except for my pants and shorts, my entire current wardrobe is kept in here. The way I organize my closet is pretty simple. On the far left, I keep my jackets and cardigans. Next are my dresses. After that, tops are organized from longest sleeve/heaviest weight to sleeveless/lightest weight, left to right. At the far right are my skirts and camisoles. I’ve almost always organized my closet from heaviest/longest to lightest/shortest and it’s what works best for me. The hangers don’t match. The white ones are cheap plastic Target hangers, and I recently picked up the wood ones from IKEA. I’ll probably slowly swap out the plastic ones for the wood IKEA ones, as I like those a lot more and it would be nice (and photogenic *wink*) if they all matched.

At the bottom of my closet are my shoes. I have a little wire rack previously used in our kitchen or bathroom to make some extra room. This is the most organized you’ll ever see my shoes. Unfortunately, most of the time they’re just thrown in there to organize your clothes and shoesHow to organize your clothesOn the top shelf I keep lesser worn shoes, or shoes I don’t want to get scuffed up on the floor. I also keep a box with scarfs and some extra accessories. On the inside of the closet door I’ve hung a full-length mirror, and a hook that was already there holds my favorite baseball cap (go Red Sox!) and my trusty bandana. I’ll likely change this out in the colder months.How to Organize Your Capsule Wardrobe

In my dresser

My dresser is in the corner of our bedroom, inconveniently located opposite of my side of the bed, as my side of the room is the only place B’s dresser fits. It’s a little ugly IKEA one (that is apparently recalled, so I may return it for a new one), but it works. In the top drawer I keep some tech items and personal belongings, as I no longer have a desk in the house. The middle drawer is where I keep bras, underwear and socks. They’re muddled together and unorganized. In the bottom drawer I keep my pants and shorts. I try to keep a stack of work pants, a stack of jeans and a stack of shorts separate, but it doesn’t always stay that organized. In the fall/winter, I’ll store my shorts away somewhere else.How I Organize My ClosetHow I Organize My Closet

Under the bed

I couldn’t get a photo of this, as it’s on the dark side of our bedroom. It’s not very photogenic anyway. We have an IKEA bed frame with four large drawers underneath. If I had to do it over I would not buy this bed, but we were living in a 400 sq. ft. apartment with only one closet when we bought it, so we needed the storage. On B’s side we have a drawer with luggage. On my side, I keep two drawers of clothes. One drawer holds my sweats, camping/get dirty clothes and workout type clothes. I’ve pared down this collection a lot but it still takes up a giant drawer, since sweatshirts naturally eat up a lot of space.

In the other drawer, I store off-season clothes that can’t be hung. Currently, my fall/winter sweaters and scarfs are in there. I’ll put my summer tanks and shorts in there in a month or two.


Other closets

While B has claim over the bedroom closet, I do store some items in there. At the back of the closet, I have my off-season clothes and nicer dresses hung up. I also have a few shoe boxes on the top shelf with my off-season or less frequently worn shoes stored. We also have a closet in our living room (which is terribly placed in the middle of a wall) that I keep my outerwear in.

How I Organize My Closet

Phew, so I think that about covers how I organize my closet. It’s certainly not perfect, and I’d love if I could keep all my clothes in my bedroom, but it’s just not an option right now. How do you organize your clothes? Do you separate a capsule or seasonal clothes or keep them all together? I’ve always been fascinated by organization (though I’m not very good at it), so I’d love to hear!