A Week In Outfits | Summer Capsule

my week in outfits / 7 days of outfits from my summer capsule wardrobe

I don’t post many outfits around here, and certainly don’t share outfits daily either. Really, I feel like my outfits are fairly repetitive and like after a month or two, it would get pretty boring for y’all to look at. However, I really wanted to share more about how I apply my capsule wardrobe. I don’t think it’s enough to share the individual pieces without putting them together and showing you everything that can be done with a limited closet. So, I thought it would be fun today to share with you guys an entire week of outfits. And, of course, its in video form.

These are the 8 outfits I actually wore last week (I had a wardrobe change Wednesday night.) I didn’t have time to film each day, so I just kept notes about what I wore throughout the week, and even forgot that they were going to be on the blog a few times. So, this is the most authentic style post you’re going to see from me. These are the pieces I matched up bleary-eyed at 6:30am.


Black jeans / Stripe Shirt / Denim Jacket / Boots

I spent unday getting lunch & beers with friends, napping on the sofa and generally being lazy. This outfit is one of my go-to uniforms: t-shirt, jeans, denim jacket. I love this stripe shirt from Everlane, because it jazzes up the typical jeans & a t-shirt look.



Button Down Shirt / Black Pants / Oxford Shoes / Cardigan

Maybe the easiest Monday morning outfit ever? Despite that the shirt is a little oversized, it still makes me look like I have my sh*t together. Paired with skinny black pants and laced up shoes, it was a clean and simple look.



Floral Blouse / Denim Jacket / Black Pants / Boots

A cardigan and blouse combo always feels just a little too “buttoned-up” for my taste. I like playing down this feminine top with a denim jacket to keep me warm under the office AC. I let the shirt speak for itself and kept everything else pretty minimal.



Outfit #1: Sleeveless Top / Cardigan / Grey Pants / Oxford Shoes
Outfit #2: White Tee / Blue Jeans / Nike Shoes

Usually I pair this top with my denim jacket, but I’d worn it the day before. I’ve found that a more structured top looks best with these cropped skinny pants, so I love wearing this top with them. The shoes give me some height and are so comfortable. After work, a bunch of coworkers went to a Portland Timbers game! I hate wearing the same clothes from the office all day, and I wanted to be comfortable for the game. Easiest outfit in the world: loose white t-shirt, skinny jeans and athletic sneakers. Bonus: This outfit was nearly weightless to carry in my bag during the day. No carrying around heavy shoes!



Green Dress / Clog Sandals

After a week of cooler temperatures it finally warmed up this day, so I reached straight for this dress. I bought this last summer on a whim (when the temperatures were consistently above 90 and I had nothing to wear!), but it’s proven to be a great go-to piece for the office. I finally broke out my new TOMS clog sandals and they are so comfortable! These are definitely my warm day office shoe.



Black Dress / Denim Jacket / Boots

I didn’t end up wearing my jacket much on Thursday, so I broke it out again on Friday. If you guys have a good alternative for a denim jacket, send it my way! I have a problem… This black dress from Loft is something I reach for again and again. Its perfectly modest for the office, perfect for warm days, and can be dressed up or down (I wore it to a wedding last summer!)



T-Shirt / Jeans / Sandals

Saturday was spent doing blog and video work (mainly filming this video!). In the evening I headed to a friend’s housewarming, BBQ’d with Bryce and checked out a new taproom in our neighborhood. It was all about casual comfort that day.


I hope you enjoyed getting a peak into my everyday outfits! Its actually pretty fun to see them all together like this, it makes my wardrobe feel so much more versatile than I think it to be on a regular basis. Should I do more of these types of posts/videos?

  • I love this idea! You are so creative Stacy!! What a fun way to showcase your outfits. :) And the clogs look great, yay! So glad you found some. I am drooling over your oxfords!