My Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Summer Capsule Wardrobe / 2016

Finally! My summer capsule wardrobe is LIVE. It’s been pretty much ready for a couple of weeks now, actually. Two things held me up: shoes & video. My original plan was to include shoes as part of my “count”, but after trying and failing several times to get a pair of clogs, I thought that maybe that just didn’t matter. I’m currently waiting on a pair of clog-style shoes from TOMS, which *fingers crossed* will fit, because I truly need a pair of good summer shoes for the office. I haven’t really been choosing a number and sticking to it in terms of my capsule anyway, I just let it happen organically, so shoes aren’t officially in my summer capsule.

I also really wanted to do a video for my capsule wardrobe, which restricted me to weekends, and having all the pieces clean and on-hand. I finally had time this past Saturday to film, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Here’s the reveal of the 32 pieces in my summer capsule wardrobe. After watching the video, you can scroll below it to see a breakdown and links to many of the pieces.


This marks 1 year since I started my capsule wardrobe. This time last year I created a starter capsule (still my number 1 most read post on my blog!) I pared it down to only what I loved, and only bought 2 or 3 items throughout the summer as needed. I have come a long way since that original capsule!

Only 8 items (indicated by a * below) are new additions to my closet this time, 2 of those thrifted and 3 from ethical retailers. The rest were items carried over from previous capsule wardrobes, most of which were in my spring wardrobe. I feel like this closet works really well for me. Although there are times I really wish I had some more variety in my closet, at the end of the day, I’m glad I don’t have too much. When I was done filming this video and put everything back in my closet, I saw just how full it really was, and felt really good about where I am with my closet. I’m excited not to think about shopping for a couple of months now. Here’s a list of my 32 items, with as many links as I could dig up for you!


My Summer Capsule Wardrobe

15 Tops

Crochet Top / Merona, old
Stripe Linen Tank* / Madewell / Similar option
Silk Sleeveless Blouse / Everlane
White Sleeveless Collared Shirt / H&M, old / Similar option
White Sleeveless Blouse / Loft, old / Similar option
White T-Shirt / Everlane
Grey T-Shirt / Merona, old / Similar option
Whiskey T-Shirt* / Bridge & Burn
Silk Square Shirt* / Everlane
Floral Blouse / Pleione (color no longer available)
Short Sleeve Chambray Shirt* / Madewell
Stripe Tee / Everlane
Chambray Shirt / J. Crew
White Oxford / Everlane
Flannel Shirt / Madewell, old / Similar option


9 Bottoms

Denim Shorts / Madewell, last summer / Similar option
Black Shorts* / Madewell
Black Jeans / Madewell, thrifted
Blue Jeans / Citizens of Humanity, thrifted
Grey Cropped Wool Pants / J. Crew, thrifted
Black Pants (2 pairs)* / Gap, old & Loft, thrifted
Green Skirt / Madewell
Black Skirt / Bridge & Burn, last year / Similar option


4 Dresses

Black Dress / Loft, last summer / Similar option
Chambray Dress* / Brass
Stripe Dress / Merona, old / Similar option / Another option
Green Dress / Merona, old


4 Sweaters/Jackets

Cardigan / Madewell, color no longer available / Similar option
Sweatshirt / Everlane
Denim Jacket / H&M, last summer / Similar option
Denim Vest* / Levi’s, thrifted / Similar option


Ethical or sustainable options listed where possible. My wardrobe is not 100% ethical, and there are new items from traditional stores. I’m still working on it, and excited to continue on a journey of creating a better closet.

  • Love the video!! Expertly done! You have a fabulous selection in your closet! I love that silk square shirt!

    • Thank you! I’m wearing that shirt right now – it gets worn all the time, definitely worth the investment!

  • Oh, and tell me what happened with the second clogs!

    • Oh man, the clog saga. I ordered a pair of Magubas (my friend has a few pairs and loves them). First pair was too big, so I ordered a different style in a smaller size from Amazon – they sent the wrong style and they were too small. I emailed Lotta but they said their styles are usually wider than Maguba, and I have very narrow feet/ankles so I didn’t want to risk it. Fingers crossed for the TOMS! Fortunately it’s rainy right now, so my boots are doing just fine.

  • Your style is so cute! If we lived nearby we could have a clothing swap – I think we’re pretty much on the same wavelength. I am in the process of getting a few new things and trying to make sure they’re ethical, without paying a crazy amount. Secondhand is helping :)