My Weekend, In Photos

valspar paint, zero voc

Finally repainted the dresser. I think ‘Flannel Grey’ will do just fine in our bedroom.


dark horse rose

Tried this inexpensive rose, and it wasn’t all too bad.


yellow lab, napping / west elm rug

Duchess, napping under the coffee table. Life is hard for a pup.


fire on the mountain / Portland, OR

Wings, fried pickles and beers at Fire on The Mountain, with my guy.


Portland International Rose Test Garden

A stroll through the Rose Test Garden after said wings, pickles & beers. These greyish lavender petals were one of my favorites. PS. Go later in the evening for cooler temps, better light and smaller crowds.


It’s been a while since I did just a relaxed personal post on here. I’ve felt kind of uninspired and stuck in terms of blogging content recently, and I think part of it is having abandoned some of the personal aspect of it. Of course, personal posts won’t get as much traffic and aren’t pin-worthy, but I’ve found that the blogs I return to again and again are those that have a little bit of that personal feel. I always love seeing little photo round ups of someone’s week and a few quick words.

With all that said, I’m bringing that back here! Each Monday I’ll be sharing some photos from my weekend and a few links to things that have caught my eye. Its an easy way to ease into the week, for both of us. I hope you enjoy!


 Links I loved…

+ Responsible Style With Brass: Part 1 & Part 2 | Really enjoyed Lee’s two part series with Brass Clothing. I have a Brass dress and can attest to its quality, and also love their standards and transparency as a company. They’ve introduced quite a few new pieces recently, and loved seeing how they fit and how Lee styled them. Part one & part two.

+ How do you define ethical fashion? | This discussion on what “ethical fashion” means to different people was totally fascinating. It’s truly not a black and white issue, but rather a huge grey area.

+ 5 Ways Living in France Has Shaped My Food Values | An article about the French? Well, duh. I struggle so much with healthy eating, but the French way of eating (and enjoying!) food really resonates with me, and just makes sense.

+ The Jennings Hotel in Joseph, Oregon | This beautiful hotel put Joseph, OR on my travel wish list. I love the collaboration of multiple designers on this project.

+ What’s New In Natural Beauty | Nine beautiful new natural beauty products, perfect for the summertime heat. I’ll take one of each, please ;)