DIY Room Spray (With Essential Oils)

DIY room spray and pillow spray

I’m so excited to share this super simple DIY with y’all today! When I started becoming aware of the toxic home and cosmetic products everywhere, one of the first things I thought of was air freshener. I think it’s pretty obvious that your standard aerosol air freshener is chalk-full of chemicals, and the thought of breathing that in frankly grosses me out. Not to mention, the scent of most of those sprays is pretty terrible. I’ve been trying to come up with a healthy solution for stinky restrooms for a while now. My usual go to is a homemade candle, but finding myself recently with only Christmas-scented candles in our home, I decided it was high time to try out a DIY room spray.

This spray is made up of three ingredients, which you already have or can easily grab at the grocery store: water, vodka and essential oils. Super simple, and totally customized to your particular scent preferences. In poking around at recipes, I found that the formula for these room sprays was the same as many DIY pillow and linen sprays, so I made one of those too!

I have a very small collection of essential oils right now, so my scent combinations were just based off what I had, and some guessing. For my room spray I combined lavender + rosemary + grapefruit essential oils. The pillow spray is lavender + orange. Both of them smell so good, and I feel good knowing that what we’re inhaling in our home is pure and safe.

DIY Room and Linen Spray

DIY Room Spray

Ingredients: distilled water, vodka, essentials oils of your choice

Supplies: spray bottle (I have these), funnel or measuring cup to pour into bottle.

How to make it: Fill your spray bottle about a 1/3 with vodka. Pour into measuring cup and add about 20 drops of essential oil (mine was for a 2 oz spray bottle). Pour mixture into the bottle and fill with distilled water.


A few extra notes…

You’ll need to shake the bottle a bit before spraying to distribute the oils (the whole oil and water don’t mix deal)!

I loved this post from Designlovefest. Scroll down in that post for a great list of scent combinations.

Be sure you do a little research on essential oils. They do need to be diluted and handled with care. Some are not safe for pets or kids to come in direct contact with (lavender is toxic to cats, for instance, so I’m careful with how I use it in our house).


Let me know if you made one yourself! Our pillows and bathroom are smelling lovelier already.

DIY Room and Pillow Spray