Decluttering: Cords, Technology, Etc.

Last year I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and found capsule wardrobes, and thus cleaned out my closet. We’ve moved several times in the past three years, and with each move, donated items not worth moving. I often open my purse and find receipts and wrappers to discard. Somehow, there’s still more stuff, more to declutter.

So, I’m starting on decluttering, round two.

decluttering cords and technology

This past weekend I started digging through the contents of the bookcase in our office/guest room/dog room. We have one of those big 4×4 IKEA bookcases, with a few boxes that perfectly fit the cubbies. Perfectly hide stuff. The squares are full of an assortment of objects: books, movies, diplomas, craft supplies, and old journals. A mix of sentimental, useful and just plain junk. Because of the nature of this room, I’m not trying to make it look good. It’s not really being decorated in any sense of the word. Orderly is what the goal is here.

One of the first things I tackled was the box labeled “Cords/Tech”. By the end of my dig, I had the entire thing emptied and only two items of its two dozen contents remained. It was pretty successful. Among the contents I found: an iPhone cord for a model we no longer own, Wii controllers for a Wii we no longer own, a BlackBerry charging cord (I haven’t owned a BlackBerry for over 4 years), and multiple cords still in their original plastic wrappers. I have no ideas what those cords were even for! decluttering technology and cordsdecluttering cords and tech: nikon lens and kindle fire

I also pared down our movie collection, but not in the way you’d think. We don’t own too many movies, and I can honestly say that either one of us loves all of the movies we own and would definitely watch them again. So, I found a little zip up CD case, removed all the DVDs from their cases, and put them in the case. Suddenly the physical space our movies took up was significantly smaller than before, even though we still have our movies. Unfortunately, the DVD cases had to be thrown away, which felt wasteful, but maybe in the future we’ll opt for a more sustainable movie option, like renting or downloading, rather than purchasing physical copies.

CDs were another thing I came across. I determined that I’ll download them all to my computer, then donate the rest. I don’t use physical CDs anymore, so they’re just clutter. decluttering old cds and movies

Its amazing after all the cleaning out I’d already done, that there is still stuff left behind to get rid of. Going through that one box inspired me to keep at it, and take a good hard second (or third or fourth) look at all my stuff, and really clear out the junk once and for all. According to Marie Kondo, if you do decluttering right the first time, you’ll never have to do it again. While I don’t think we’re ever truly done, things will creep into our lives over the years as lives change, but one good big clear out can certainly make a world of difference. I’ll be cataloging my decluttering journey here on the blog. Hopefully it helps you too.

Items cleared out:
BlackBerry cord
iPhone cord
Miscellaneous cords
Kindle Fire*
2 Nikon lenses*
1 Wii wheel + joystick, controller case, miscellaneous cords (to give to my sister, who has the Wii)
Dozens of CDs
2 dozen movie cases

Items kept:
International outlet adapter
DVDs (consolidated)
5 box sets of Gilmore Girls (very important)

Everything on the “cleared out” list above will be donated, except items with an asterik: those I will sell.

I love the act of decluttering, but I can’t wait to get the majority of the junk out. My main goal with decluttering is to have a cleaner, more organized space and to be able to find the things I need. It just makes no sense for items I don’t want or need to be taking up space in my home. If you have any extra decluttering tips, I’d love to hear them. And I challenge you to look through your closets, drawers, and boxes and think twice about all the cords you’re hoarding. Honestly, if you haven’t seen them in months, you certainly don’t need them. And if in a few months you find that you do, well, they’re usually pretty cheap at any office supply store.


PS. This latest bout of decluttering was inspired by the Budgets and Cents podcast episode, Embracing Minimalism. I highly suggest giving it a listen if you’re interested in budgeting, debt repayment and minimalism.