I Bought The Wrong Jeans (And I’m Living With It)

what to do when you buy something that's just not right / hudson jeans, target wallet

I hate to break it to you, but a capsule wardrobe will not solve all your shopping woes. Sometimes, even after all the research and list-making, you buy the wrong thing. Like I mentioned a few months back, my beloved black skinny jeans ripped, right in the crotch. Unable to be fixed, I needed a new pair, stat. You see, as everyone else starts swapping their skinnies for flares, I’m still loyal to my skinny jeans. They’re just me.

So they ripped, and I took the opportunity to search out a pair of ethical skinny jeans. I started searching the premium denim brands, on the search for a pair made in the USA. Unfortunately, I just didn’t have the budget to pay full price. I hunted Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads, hoped for sales, but came up with nothing. So I turned to one of the big department store discount off-shoots, and found a few pairs of jeans (Hudson and J Brand) selling much closer to my price range. I ordered a few pairs, tried them on, and kept the ones that fit.

They weren’t perfect: a little lower-rise than I’d usually choose, and the front pockets were cosmetic only. They weren’t a denim material, rather more of a slippery stretchy material with a slight sheen, but that was okay, as they looked a little nicer – perfect for the office. They also fit my waist, were the right length and were narrow around the ankle (something that is, surprisingly, difficult to find in skinny jeans).

Then, a week later, as I was getting ready for bed, I glanced at the tag: “Made in Mexico.” Well, that was a surprise.

I was disappointed in myself. I felt like I didn’t do enough research, that I’d rushed my decision in a desperate attempt to fill a hole in my wardrobe, and fell into a corporate trap. Ugh. Turns out, after years of US production, Hudson moved about half of their production south of the border. Most of the items there are produced specifically for lower priced retailers (Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off 5th, etc.) So, I’d been had.

It was too late to return the jeans, and I still couldn’t afford the ones I really wanted. So, they’re still in my closet, flaws and all. I’ve gotten over the little mistake I made in purchasing them, but the thing that disappoints me the most is that I know they won’t be in my closet for long. In spending more money on an item, I was hoping to keep it for several years. Unfortunately, since they’re not exactly what I wanted, I know that I’ll eventually tire of them, and part with them, having to buy a new pair. Not the sustainable outcome I was hoping for.

Sometimes, we don’t make the right choice. Despite our best attempts, a good deal, a feeling of “needing” something, or a trend will hook us, and leave us feeling disappointed. So, my purchase wasn’t perfect, but the best thing I can do is to live with it, and learn from it.

I’ll be taking a closer look at my labels, and practicing patience.


  • this spoke to me on so many levels. good reminder!