Small Living: Keeping It Clean (Free Printable Cleaning Schedule!)

free printable cleaning schedule

I’ve talked about this before, that a clean home is transformative. Any home, big or small, should be cleaned of course, but in a small space, a little bit of cleaning goes so much further. I feel more awake, more inspired, and happier when my home is freshly cleaned.

Unfortunately, I forget to do little things around the house until the layer of dust has gotten a bit too thick. I have a very all or nothing personality, but that doesn’t bode well for house cleaning. I thought it was about time I got into a cleaning routine, so I began reading articles online about how often everything should be cleaning in a home. It seemed so overwhelming. So I took the information and boiled it down to something simple and easy to follow: a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule.

A few items on the list are flexible (there will be days that shoes aren’t put away), but having the reminder right there in front of me should prove to be useful. I’ve got a copy printed out and posted on my refrigerator, and hope it will help you too. It’s included as a free printable below, with extra spaces for other tasks you might want to add, like cleaning the microwave (we don’t have one) or other overlooked cleaning tasks.

Click the image below to download the free printable cleaning schedule >>

free printable cleaning schedule