Spring Outfit No. 2 | A Spring Color Palette

Everlane sweater and silk shirt madewell cardigan, everlane t-shirt

There’s nothing I love more than a good color palette. Colors evoke so much emotion and can really change our mood. I think a lot about color (I have a design-inclined brain) and obviously applied that to my capsule wardrobe. To keep my wardrobe super flexible, I keep to a pretty minimal color palette so I don’t ever have to worry about colors clashing between pieces. It’s just one less thing to think about at 6:30 in the morning.

When choosing a spring color palette for the season’s capsule, I flipped through my Pinterest feed, and not just my style boards. I get color inspiration all over the place, so I identified the main colors that were popping up all across my feed. What I kept seeing over and over? Blush pink. I love the way the color looks against my skin tone, as it makes me look a little bit tan. Layer that with my go-to neutrals, denim, and a little touch of my favorite olive green, and we were set!

These outfits perfectly encapsulate (no pun intended) my spring mood: light and easy. Spring, for me, is all about a deep breath of fresh air, new life, and and a re-energized spirit. These colors really provoke those feelings for me. Nothing too loud and bold, because I’m trying to chiiilllll ouuuut and nothing too deep or dark, because I’m over the cozy dark days of winter. I’m ready to get outside, and I’d like to blend right in with those blooming trees.pink and oatmeal color palette for spring

Am I the only crazy person who spends so much time thinking about a color palette for their wardrobe? I’d love to know if you shift your colors for the seasons, and if you notice a change in your mood like I do.

  • love that scarf – so so pretty!!