5 Ways To Freshen Up Your Home For Spring

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Spring is my favorite season, if only for the fact that it gives hope of summer. Flowers blooming, birds chirping, slowly rising temperatures (it’s meant to be 70 on Friday! Of course, back to rain and 60 next week, but I’m basking in it nonetheless). I am so over winter, but I was before it even started. I embrace winter the best I can, with spiced beverages and snuggly blankets, but when spring rolls around, I’m all too eager to pack away the blankets and coats and freshen things up.

My wardrobe has already seen that freshening up, but my house needed it too. Honestly, decorating has always been my first love, and I spend a substantial amount of time thinking about it (have you seen my Pinterest account?) Our new house has huge windows in every room, allowing so much light into our space, already making it feel so much more vibrant. With the brighter sun, though, the undone corners and dirty surfaces are brought into glaring focus.

It’s time to bring a little spring into the home, friends. I started some spring cleaning this past weekend to prep our home for some spring cheer. If your home is feeling a little stale after a long, cold winter (or if you’re still desperately waiting for spring to arrive and are just pretending it’s sprung), here’s a few tips for freshening up your home for spring.

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Start with spring cleaning

It’s a bit of a Martha Stewart cliche by now, but spring cleaning is no joke. Something about the darkness of winter masks the dust and dirt that builds up in our homes. Let the sun shine brightest by washing windows and wiping down blinds, if you have them. With the sun shining full-force inside, you’ll probably start to notice all the dust. Tackle one room at a time, sweeping, wiping and scrubbing til it all shines. This guide should help you tackle it without stress. Trust me, it makes a world of difference.


Clear surfaces

Oh, there’s nothing better than clearing clutter, right? I find that the more stuff on the shelves, the more blah my room looks. I, personally, prefer my home to feel like a breath of fresh air above a showcase of objects. While I’m not opposed to some fanciful shelf styling, or smattering of beautiful or sentimental items, I take this season to really pare down. I stow away any items that don’t need to be out on display, and find simpler ways to display those that do.


Swap your scents

I burn candles year-round. Even on the hottest summer days, I’ve been known to light one. Especially in an old, rented home, sometimes even the cleanest houses can smell poorly. While in the mood for an uplifting scent the other day, I realized all we had in the house was a stock of Christmas candles, and the scent just wasn’t doing it for me. It felt all wrong! While out shopping I picked up this beauty, and oh, what a difference it’s made. Every night when I light it, everything feels fresher, and lighter, just as spring should. Swap out your spicy, woodsy scents for a fresher, floral variety for instant spring-ification.


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Add a little life

Over the past year, I’ve become certifiably obsessed with houseplants. If you aren’t, pick one up and experience the magic it brings to your home. Be sure to do a little research for the best option for the level of light and humidity in your home, as losing a plant is a sad feeling (RIP, my fiddle leaf fig.) Another quick way to inject some life, is simply with fresh cut flowers or greenery. Every week or two I pick up whichever blooms are cheapest at the store and place them in a few small jars around the house. One of my favorite cost-effective options is eucalyptus or other greenery, often sold separately at stores like Whole Foods. A little bit goes a long way. For a free option, scavenge outside! Last weekend I snipped a flowering cherry blossom branch from the yard, and have snagged a few camellias from the front of the house as well.


Simplify the color palette

Most people will tell you that spring is the time to pump up the color options in your home. I respectfully disagree. I tend to gravitate toward more color in the winter time, when the outdoors are brown and grey, and tone it down when the trees turn green again. My tendency is toward a neutral palette anyway, letting a few small things, like plants and pictures, inject color and personality instead. A lot of color feels cluttered to me, and a light, bright and neutral palette feels like that breath of fresh air I mentioned before. Identify a color palette that works with what you already have, choosing a few favorite colors like blue or blush, and mix it with a foundation of neutrals. Start with toss pillows, then tackle knick-knacks, kitchen towels, and move your way through the home editing the colors to your preferred palette.


Do you take the time to freshen your home for spring, cleaning and editing to lighten things up? Has spring sprung wherever you are? I’ll be sharing my home progress on Instagram, as I tweak some things, and of course will be sharing  more room tours when the rooms are ready!