My Desk Tour

Desk tour

As you may already know, I just moved house about a month ago. Compared to our last move, we’re feeling so much more settled in just a month of being here. Furniture is where we want it, pictures are up on the walls, and cabinets are sorted (okay, not completely, but I’m beginning to give up hope of an organized dry goods cabinet). Slowly but surely, I want to share with y’all our home and what we do with it, as the root of this here blog is in home decor, a true passion of mine. Instead of waiting until everything is finished to do a complete home tour, I’ll be sharing each space as it feels complete. I never got around to showing you our last place, and I want to be sure to share this one because it truly feels like home.

First up, my desk tour! It’s not an office tour, as my desk is actually in our living room. Our guest room was too small this time around for the twin bed and both our desks, so I opted to place mine in the living room, as there is a corner that fits it just perfectly. I let B have the separate office room as he does a lot of work from home and has a lot of stuff, so he needed the more private space to store everything. Okay, on to the details.

desk tour

I love having little vignettes around my space for a little something pretty to look at. I opted to stack up three of my favorite Paris-themed books, topped by a pretty mug filled with markers from some previous interior design classes I took. I had some of my Instagram photos printed by Artifact Uprising a few months back, and chose a few favorites to tape up with washi tape. I’ll likely rotate them out every once in a while. The top is a photo I took from Notre Dame of Paris rooftops, left is our cat Maya, and bottom is the flower display outside Alder + Co.

mug / books: top, middle, bottom / markers

motivational note card from Lara Casey

A little inspiration never hurt anyone. I got this postcard with my order of Lara Casey’s Powersheets last year, and thought it was pretty enough to be framed. It gives me a little boost when I’m feeling unmotivated.

Simple desk organization tips

Since my desk is in the living room, I want to keep the surface as uncluttered as possible. I keep some pens, highlighters and pencils in this pencil case, since they aren’t pretty enough to be on display. I opted for an inexpensive, tiny planner this year so I could easily toss it in my purse.

planner / pencil case, Target, no longer available

Desk tour

I’ve had my eye on this pretty calendar for a while, and was happy to unwrap it on Christmas morning. I love that it adds an artful touch to my desk and the living room. Last year when I picked my desk I chose a simple table top and legs for a modern and minimal look. Since it’s in the living room right now, I love that it doesn’t compete with our other furniture, and that it’s not too heavy. I’ve taken care that everything on my desk meshes with the decor of the rest of the room, but also creates a little personal space of my own. My style isn’t overly feminine, but my desk is where I let my girly side peek through. I used to have a black rolling office chair, but it looked so bad in the room, I opted to use this old occasional chair my parents gave us. The seat needs to be recovered, and I might paint it, but it serves its purpose and adds a little of the old to the more modern pieces.

desk / lamp / calendar 

desk tour / anthropologie mug and paris books

I’m so happy with how this little corner turned out, and love sitting down to use it. It serves all my needs perfectly, and looks good to boot!


  • I admire the simplicity of your desk and work station! It’s a goal I hope to reach! =)