Travel Light: Packing For A Winter Beach Trip

packing light for a week in california

I have a confession to make: I, Stacy, am an over-packer.

I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve shown up at my parents’ house for a weekend and they’ve asked if I’m moving back in. It’s bad, people. I’ve had plenty of opportunities in my life to learn how to cut down, but still I pack all the just in case items. I think it stems from that camping trip when I was 8 and forgot to pack underwear…

Click through for my packing list…

However, now we have a puppy which takes up a lot of room in the car and as I streamline other areas of my life, my suitcase is in need of simplification, too. I challenged myself to travel light and pack just the essentials for a one-week trip to Pacific Grove, CA. We’re staying in cottages with all the amenities and our daily activities don’t require any fancy gear. Here are the clothing items I actually packed.

Travel Light:

white tee / grey tee* / grey sweatshirt / flannel shirt 
cardigan / jacket*/ turtleneck / rain jacket*
black jeans*/ skinny jeans / leggings / riding boots
combat boots / sunglasses / sneakers / scarf */ beanie


  • I’m hoping to go the California for the first later this year so I will definitely keep this post in mind!! =)