My 2016 Word & Goals

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It’s time for reflection and goal-setting. This year, I took it slow and thought about what was most important to me and what I can realistically accomplish. I reflected on last year’s goals, thought about the struggles I’ve had in 2015 and what brought me joy. What have I been meaning to do that I haven’t done yet? What will make life easier? What will make life better?

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Checking in on my 2015 goals

I did a pretty good job with my goals last year. Anything that I didn’t follow through on was usually due to the goal being kind of loose in the first place. Some of last year’s goals were made because I felt like I should do it, not because I really wanted to do them. Many of them were kind of all over the place, and I’ve now learned that I need to focus my goals better. My mantra last year was Trust God. I feel like that has become my life mantra, and has gotten me through so much over the past year. In 2015 I drew closer to God, learned a lot, found merit in minimalism, learned my personal style, and took baby steps toward a healthier lifestyle. I let go of some dreams, opened my mind to new ones, and learned to open myself up to possibilities outside of what I have thought up for myself.



My 2016 Word

Now, 2016. My word is GROW. I feel like 2015 was a little stagnant, and while I tried some new things and learned a lot, there is still a lot of room for action and implementing that new knowledge. When I think about what I want to remember this year for, it is growth. After last year’s scattered goals, this year, I’ve chosen a word, a theme if you will, and have let that guide my goals. Anything outside the realm of growth, I am letting go of.


2016 Goals

Improve my photography. I plan to take more photos this year. I’ve challenged myself to a 52 week photo challenge, where I’ll be taking photos every week, and posting one each week on a blog (right here!) We get better by doing, so I must do. This will also push me to use Lightroom more and learn more about it. I want to take a Skillshare class to learn how to use it better and more efficiently.

Learn French. I’ve had the full Rosetta Stone set for over a year now, and started to get really into it a year ago, but fell off the wagon. I want to make a daily habit of working through the lessons. I want to speak French! I have a goal to save to go to Paris in 2017 (*fingers crossed*) so that’s good motivation.

Eliminate credit card debt and save money. I’ll be kick starting this with my No Spend Month in January (more to come on that this week), and making changes to my spending habits in order to pay off my credit cards, and start putting away more money.  Debt and a lack of savings has limited me for a long time now, and without these limitations, I will be free from financial stress allowing me to easier pursue growth through travel and saving for important purchases.

Move more. No specific goals here, but I do want to move more. I’m getting antsy and I want to take care of myself. Having a dog will certainly help this. I want more walks, yoga, runs, hikes, dancing in the kitchen. I want a reason to buy that cute workout gear I’m always eyeing.

Continue learning. The past two years I’ve discovered that I love to learn. Most of the books I pick up are nonfiction. I’ll take classes and read and explore whatever catches my eye. Learning is growing.

Explore minimalism deeper. I want to figure out what minimalism means to me. I have these thoughts and ideas floating around, and I want to explore them, write about them (probably here!) and practice simplifying. I’m excited to see where the journey takes me. I really want it to become a way of life, not a trend.


Did you set goals for the year? Or choose a word? I’d love to hear your thoughts and process, or if you have any tips for me to achieve my goals! Cheers, to 2016!