DIY Christmas Wreath

a simple DIY holiday wreath

Our house was decorated for Christmas immediately after Thanksgiving. A coworker recently compared me to Buddy the Elf, and he’s not totally off-base. I love Christmas. I’m a bit behind in my Christmas-y posts due to some crazy work and life stuff, but I’m just as excited to share.

This weekend, deciding my house needed a bit more cheer, I decided to put together a simple DIY wreath. I chose to go as simple as possible which meant my only items used were greenery and twine. This process would have been made much easier with a wreath frame or some floral wire, but I chose to use what I had.


I’ve been searching high and low all over this town for eucalyptus as I love the pretty blueish-green leaves. The color is a refreshing spin on the usual evergreen shades of Christmas. I found two types of eucalyptus, a more standard one with large, round leaves, and a version with smaller leaves, and chose to pair them together to give the wreath a bit more volume and interest. Non-negotiable was a hit of red, which I found in these vibrant rosehips.

I quickly learned that rosehips have thorns, so I worked carefully. Starting with the larger-leafed eucalyptus I tied the branches end to end forming a circle. It didn’t look pretty at first. Tying the twine was a bit of a pain, I’ll admit, but ended up working in my favor later. As I added the smaller-leafed eucalyptus, the wreath took on a more circular shape, and I simply pulled and pushed until I had the look I wanted: round and pretty, but still a little wild, with some leaves poking out. Lastly I clipped the rosehips into shorter pieces (above the thorny main branches) and stuck them into the loops of twine used to tie the greenery.


I’m pretty proud of the finished product, and it was a fun and festive activity to complete. It even received a few compliments at our Christmas party Saturday night, and it’s filling a space above our fireplace that has been neglected for some time.

Keep your eyes open over the next weeks for some more simple holiday tips and DIY decorations. Let me know if you attempt wreath making this season. I’d love to see your creations!