2 Easy Last-Minute Holiday DIY’s


DIY Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is officially a week away! This feels a little bit insane. I’m so excited though, and have had the best month so far soaking up the Christmas spirit. Tonight we’re heading over to Peacock Lane, the best home light display in Portland – I can’t wait! This past week I felt like our own house needed a bit more cheer. We’ve lived in smaller places the past two Christmases, so our decorations are minimal. It seemed like the perfect time to craft a few simple items to add to our stash for next year.

These are the two easiest holiday DIY projects you could possibly imagine. If you’re looking for a little something extra to spruce up your space for the upcoming holiday, these are easy and inexpensive projects to do!

2 easy holiday DIY projects

Easy Christmas DIY Projects

Wooden Bead Ornaments

What you’ll need:
Wood beads
Twine or yarn
Optional: Acrylic paints

How to make it:

Optional steps: If you’re painting any of your wood beads, do that first with acrylic paint or spray paint. I painted some of mine, and left the rest natural.

Once your beads are ready to go, string 7 beads on the twine. Cut the twine so there’s an inch or two extending from each end. Pull the ends together and knot, making a circle. Leave it like that, or tie the remainder of the twine into a small loop to hang.

DIY Christmas Decor

Painted Tree Slice

What you’ll need:

Birch slice (found in the wood section of any craft store)
Acrylic paints
Paint brush
Optional: Drill, twine, clear sealant

How to make it:

Simply paint whatever design you want on your slice. I pained a simple pine tree on one side, using tape to paint overlapping triangles. Maybe next year I’ll add NOEL to the other side. Lean it up on a shelf, or display on a table with some candles. To hang, drill a small hole near the top, loop some twine through, and tie. If you’ll be displaying this outside, or on a table, you can seal with clear polyurethane to protect it.

DIY Holiday Decor

Et voila! Two easy-peasy holiday crafts. These would even be fun to make with family or friends during the holiday celebrations.

  • I LOVE the painted tree slice! Very Portland, so cool!! We are heading over to Peacock Lane next week, I can’t wait! :)