DIY Simple Thanksgiving Floral Arrangement

A simple thanksgiving floral table arrangement

Hi, friends! Today I’ve got a simple Thanksgiving floral arrangement for your holiday dinner table. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been letting the Christmas spirit leak in… I got a red cup, freaked over the arrival of the Pioneer Courthouse Square Christmas tree, and have had seasonal songs stuck in my head over the past week. I can’t help it – I love Christmas! But, I know, Thanksgiving comes first and it deserves to be celebrated just as much.

This table garland has to be the easiest thing in the world. Tie some greenery and flowers on long stems together, lay it down, call it good. This type of arrangement is perfect for a food- and family-centered holiday. It’s festive, without blocking your sister’s face across the table, and leaves plenty of room for dishes and glasses of wine.

Autumn flowers

Thanksgiving Floral Arrangement

You’ll need:
Greenery (something long, not too wide)
Flowers, with long stems
Twine, or floral wire

Time: 10 minutes
Cost: $15, but could vary depending on your store, flower choice, or if you’re able to forage

Simple thanksgiving floral garland

DIY thanksgiving floral arrangement

To make:

Lay out your greenery in one long line. I first laid out one branch, then placed the next branch so that the top met the first branch right where the leaves ended. Once they’ve all been laid out, it should look like one long branch of leaves. Then layer in your flowers. I used Craspedia and Asclepias, because those were my favorites at New Seasons. Any autumn-colored florals will do. Pile it on as light or heavy as you’d like.

Use twine or floral wire to tie the branches and stems into place.

Simple thanksgiving table arrangement

Simple Thanksgiving table arrangement

I finished off the tablescape with a couple of miniature painted pumpkins. My Halloween pumpkins are still going strong!

Simple DIY Thanksgiving table arrangement

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