Beautiful Simple Desk Accessories

After cleaning off my desk last week, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for some simple, beautiful desk accessories. Some items I think every desk needs: a calendar because I can’t keep track of the days, a notebook and good pens because I’m always writing something down, and the necessities like a stapler, scissors and tape. If you’re like me, you’ve often wandered the aisles of an office supply store and wondered why everything is so, well, ugly. I’ve loved office supplies since I was a kid and my mom worked for an office supply company. I’d pour over the pages of highlighters and post-it dispensers and desk calendars (also, I was really cool). I still do that, albeit online now, but I refuse to buy another standard black stapler. In fact, I just spray painted my old Swingline gold a few weeks ago out of pure desperation.

So, today I’ve rounded up some truly beautiful, simple desk accessories. They’re functional and pretty, so you can get to work instead of sitting lamenting that ballpoint that never seems to work.


beautiful simple desk accessories, white, black and gold

Calendar | Poppin Notebook | Acrylic Tape Dispenser | Acrylic Stapler | Gold Scissors | Gel Pens