Happy Hour: Mint Gin & Tonic

Mint Gin & Tonic / cocktail recipe via wildandpine.com

Raise your hand if you’re over the moon about this three-day weekend. Something about summer (this wonderful, wonderful season that it is) just wears us out, and we all need to take a breather. This weekend B & I are headed out to Hood River to camp, explore and try out some local breweries and wine. We haven’t camped all summer! That’s crazy, right? We both love it so much, but summer is his busy season at work, and we don’t have the same weekends, so getting out for a camping weekend is tough! I really can’t wait.

Mint Gin + Tonic recipe on wildandpine.com

Now, onto the cocktail recipe.

Can I even call this a recipe? It’s really just the absolute simplest twist on an already very simple, classic cocktail. It’s also pretty similar to the mojito, which I just posted. But, guys and gals, it’s Labor Day weekend, the kind of long weekend in which we are all just relaxing and taking it easy.

Friends, this drink is refreshing, and perfect to whip up for your chill Labor Day weekend. Drink this on your patio, by a campfire, or on the lake. It’s perfect anywhere, so let’s just get into it…


Tonic water

In an old-fashioned glass (or whatever you’ve got) muddle 3-4 fresh mint leaves with a healthy squeeze of lime juice (about a 1/4 of a lime). Add ice, then pour in one shot of gin and fill with tonic water. Sip, enjoy, repeat!


PS. I’m taking Monday off from the blog for the Labor Day holiday. You’ll find me on She’s Charming on Tuesday, and back here on Wednesday. Have a fun & safe holiday, friends!