Fireplace Update

When we moved in our fireplace mantel was painted blue. Teal, actually (you can see below). Honestly, the color wasn’t bad. It’s bright and bold, and in a lot of contexts I don’t mind the color. However, as the only architectural feature in the room, it made it the focal point.

I love having a working fireplace, and I think the shape of the mantel is really pretty. The color was just not going to work with any decorating plans I have. You all know I’m a neutrals girl. I’m trying to go with a look that combines minimal Scandinavian, a little Southwestern and a little industrial. I want it to feel warm and homey, and a giant teal fireplace wasn’t part of that equation. So, I decided to paint it.  My parents recently painted their living room, and had a few leftover Sherwin-Williams paint samples in a warm greige color. I had wanted to paint the mantel a warm grey anyway, so it was perfect. The small can was the perfect amount for two coats on the mantel. It has seriously made the biggest difference in the room and I have a renewed energy to decorate the room. It just looks so much more fresh and warm!