Happy Hour: Bourbon Mint Iced Tea

Ladies and gentlemen, this here is my dream drink. I wasn’t sure if it was possible to put all my favorite flavors into one glass, but I’ve (almost) done it.

(Well, there’s no lime, but not all good things mix, you know?)

Iced tea is my favorite thing to drink. It is my number one, my go-to, my soulmate. (Now looking up one of those “what your favorite drink says about you” posts to learn about what this says about my personality). Everyone I know will tell you, that just as soon as the weather gets above 65 degrees, I’m setting out a pitcher of sun tea. My fridge is rarely without it in the summertime, and that makes me one happy lady.

So what happens when  you take iced tea, add my favorite flavor (mint) and my favorite liquor (bourbon) and mix them all together? There are no words for my feelings.

I’m a whiskey girl, so it’s a little surprising that I haven’t shared a whiskey recipe yet this summer. In fact, the day I decided to do this series, the first recipe on my list was something with bourbon and iced tea. I just had to perfect it. I love the flavors in this drink and find it so refreshing with just a hint of sweetness.

Bourbon whiskey (I used Bulleit)
Mint leaves
Unsweetened iced tea (I brew my own, but store-bought is just fine. The Tejava brand is good.)

In a glass squeeze a little bit of honey (approx. 2 tsp.) then add and muddle 4-6 mint leaves. Add one shot whiskey and top with chilled iced tea (about one cup, depending on the size of your glass and the strength you want) and stir well. Add a few ice cubes to a new glass, pour cocktail over ice, straining if preferred, and top it off with healthy squeeze of lemon, to taste. Enjoy!

NOTE // If you usually drink sweet tea (most people do), you’ll probably be tempted to use that in place of unsweetened here. Try it with the unsweetened first. It will be healthier without the added sugar, and you can always add a bit more honey if you prefer a sweeter flavor. This drink is made to be refreshing with lots of mint, lemon and whiskey flavor.