Happy Hour // The Paloma

Temperatures are reaching record highs in Portland this weekend. 100 degrees is certainly not the norm in the Pacific Northwest, especially in June. When it gets this hot, we pull out all the stops to keep us cool. Around here we stock up on fans, plan trips to the coast, and reach for ice cold beverages.

When the temperature spikes, I need my drink to be two things: easy and refreshing. There’s simply nothing easier than a two ingredient cocktail. Enter: the paloma.

The paloma is one of the most popular cocktails in Mexico, and for good reason. It’s light and juicy, with just the right kick. Like a toned down margarita. Simply mix up some grapefruit juice with tequila, pour it over ice, and enjoy! Kick it up with a salted rim and a squeeze of lime. This literally couldn’t get any easier, and if you already have tequila in your liquor cabinet (it’s summer, so you definitely should) it’s less than $5 at the grocery store to mix this one up. Salud!

Grapefruit juice
Optional: lime, salt

Mix 1 part tequila with 3 parts grapefruit juice. Stir over ice. Add a squeeze of lime and salt the rim to dress it up, and add a little sour. Can easily be mixed into a large batch for a party. Grapefruit soda can be subbed for a little fizz.

One last note… I’ve been guzzling the San Pellegrino Aranciata sodas lately, and think they would all taste so good mixed with some tequila. Might have to give that one a shot this weekend, too!