Living Small #2: Clean it up.

Sometimes wiping down the countertops can be cathartic.

Cleaning your apartment sounds like a chore, I know. It’s not the most exciting piece of advice for living in a tiny apartment.

This weekend I cleaned. I spent just a couple hours on Sunday afternoon sweeping the floors, cleaning the bathroom counters, and putting clothes away. I found a pretty photo I’d taken of my apartment when it was clean, and used it as my motivation. Let’s make the apartment look that good again. Of course, I didn’t have a bunch of peonies for the table, but I’m not tripping over my boots, either. When I finished, I collapsed into a chair and breathed a deep breath. The kind of breath you only breathe when your surroundings are clean.

The next time you feel exasperated, looking around wondering why you feel stressed and your place isn’t bringing you peace, grab the paper towels and give the place a good wipe-down. Sweep the floors, pick up the random objects left around from a busy week, and put them away. You’ll be amazed at how good it feels.

PS – If you live in an especially tiny place, be sure to get cleaning products that are natural and smell good. Our kitchen is in the same room as the living room, so using 409 would make the whole place smell pretty gross. This lavender Method spray is one of my favorites. (no, this isn’t sponsored) 

  • Absolutely! Even taking just 5 minutes when you're between tasks or before heading out the door to do one small cleaning item, like wiping the kitchen counters, sweeping one area, or dusting one shelf can be super helpful and builds up in the long run to create a clean home with seemingly no commitment to a large cleanup.

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