how fresh // london & new york: a double exposure project

How absolutely cool is this? I’ve always loved photography and the many different and beautiful things you can do with a little tiny photographic machine. {Don’t ever get into the is photography an art form argument with me, because you will lose. I’ll make sure of it.}

While skimming through Dwell yesterday, I found this and I had to share with you all, and save for myself. Stuff like this just really excites me. Photojournalist Daniella Zalcman took these photos with her iPhone 4S {yep, I know…mind blown} and used photo editing software to superimpose images of New York over images of London as she makes her big move from NYC to the UK. I’m going to stop talking. Just look.

Original Article: Matador Network // Photography: Daniella Zalcman // Buy prints here